• Do This

    Devotionals | April 16, 2018

    Jesus exhorted His followers to a truly revolutionary way of living. His standard for life didn’t consist of merely telling people what not to do. Instead, He exhorted God’s people to offer loving service to others. He called people back to the heart of the Old Testament message with one comprehensive command: “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” How will you proactively take loving action for the benefit of those around you today?

  • Serving God’s Purpose

    Devotionals | April 13, 2018

    Jesus was born according to the Father’s purpose, and He served God’s purpose in the power of the Spirit. Because Jesus accomplished His mission, the Spirit has been poured out to empower us to serve God’s purpose, also. You, as well, have been born according to the Father’s purpose and sent into the world, just as the Father sent Jesus. As you depend upon the Spirit’s leading, you will be infused with the Spirit’s presence and power to serve God’s purpose. Today, will you choose to rest in Him, listen for His voice, and follow His leading?

  • Delegation

    4 Reasons It’s Hard & 4 Ways To Improve

    Blog | Owen Phelps | April 12, 2018

    You don’t have to dig very deep into most books about management or leadership before you come to an admonition that in order to be an effective leader or manager you have to learn how to delegate.

    What could be so difficult about that?

    I mean, why would anyone have to struggle to let someone else do some of their work? Delegating makes work easier. Heck, it frees up time for personal as well as professional activities – which is to say, it makes life better. Why would anyone resist that?

  • Dying to Live

    Devotionals | April 11, 2018

    Jesus calls us to follow Him, to daily take up our cross, lay down our lives, and die to ourselves and worldly desires, just as He did. In Jesus, we have been crucified to the world and its demands. No longer are we slaves to a system that edges God out of life and leadership. We have been infused with His Spirit, given new life, and enabled to live lives that exalt God. What temptations to edge God out do you need to die to serve others like Jesus serves you?

  • Changes and Transformations

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | April 10, 2018

    “If you move this bookcase into the living room and then pull the couch away from the wall to angle into the room, I think you’ll like the change.”

    My good friend has an eye for making a room look wonderful. She knows I don’t spend a lot of money on furnishings, and she’s quick to work her magic with what’s in front of her. She’d been to my house on many occasions, and I knew she’d been rearranging my furniture in her head for some time.

  • Shannah Game: Dream BIG

    Pressing Through Adversity

    Podcast | April 09, 2018

    Shannah Game is a Certified Financial Planner and a host of the Millennial Money podcast. Shannah started her first business at the age of 19 and can teach us a lot about dreaming big, using failure as part of the journey as we follow our dreams, and being faithful with little and trusting God for the rest.

    Passionate about reaching Millennials, Shannah uses the topic of money to help Millennials not only manage but overcome much tougher economic challenges than the generations before them like Boomers or Xers. 

  • Wisely and Well

    Devotionals | April 09, 2018

    Jesus calls us to be good stewards of the leadership opportunities and responsibilities He gives us. He places us where we are for His purposes. He places people in our spheres of influence so that they can experience His touch. He provides resources—spiritual, intellectual, emotional, material, including our time and relationships—to equip us in His work. When the way is hard, He reminds us to seek His perspective and draw on the helping presence of His Spirit and all He has given to empower us. How are you stewarding what God has given you?

  • Invest to Influence

    Devotionals | April 06, 2018

    If we want to increase our influence in the lives of people around us, we need to invest in them and in our relationships with them. Investing in people requires time, interest, and attention. It means that we care about what people are going through and how they feel. It means that we build relationships with them. Jesus spent three years investing in His disciples. He lived life with them. He cared about them as people. When He realized how much His disciples were grieving over His coming departure, He spent time teaching, encouraging, comforting, and praying for them.

  • How Well Do You Value Your Leadership Team?

    5 Must Do's

    Blog | Charles Stone | April 05, 2018

    Great teams feel valued by those who lead them.

    Teams that don’t feel valued often simply go through the motions which dampens motivation and decreases productivity. Great leaders pay keen attention to how valued their teams feel. Evaluate your leadership against these five behaviors great leaders show.

    Great teams feel valued by those who lead them.

  • Witnesses to Love

    Devotionals | April 04, 2018

    Jesus has sent us into the world to be His witnesses, just like the Father sent Jesus into the world to be His witness. In sending us, Jesus says that our witness to Him is reflected in how we love people (which in God’s vocabulary is a verb, not a feeling). Love is treating people with respect, honoring them in our words and actions, and accurately expressing Jesus’ thoughts and perspective in our conversations with them. Love is speaking the truth, forgiving like Jesus forgave us, and apologizing and making amends when we are in the wrong.