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  • Not of this World

    Blog | Karen McGuire | September 22, 2016

    I’m always intrigued by the things people put on their cars, so I try to catch a glimpse of some as I drive. As you’ve observed, there are current and past political stickers, catchy quotes, stick figures of family and pets, “my wonderful child …” stickers, and more.

  • Jesus Meets Us

    Devotionals | September 19, 2016

    The desire to lead like Jesus is a lofty aspiration. We are following a leader who is the only perfectly sinless, wholly righteous person who has ever lived. To follow in His footsteps is a daring and humbling ambition. We will stumble along the way, just as Peter did when he faltered. Just as He came to Peter, Jesus comes to us, recalling us to our relationship with Him and the call He has given us. Where do you need to hear Jesus’ words of hope and restoration today?

  • For Such a Time as This

    Embracing God’s Plan for YOU

    Blog | Karen McGuire | August 25, 2016

    I just finished reading the Book of Esther this morning during my quiet time. I’m always amazed at the truths that I find there.

    If you’re not familiar with it, Esther is a fascinating story found in the Old Testament, just after the story of Nehemiah. It’s easily read in one sitting. Interestingly, Esther is also the only Old Testament book that makes no mention of God, but it the story of some Jews and how God used one woman to save the remnant that lived in her area.

    This truly is the story of a remarkable woman.

  • Confidence in Life and Leadership

    Devotionals | August 03, 2016

    Because of Jesus, we are not bound to pursuing our own or the world’s agenda for our lives. He has freed us to pursue life of another dimension, a life of humility, worship, and service. His death on the cross broke the power of sin, and opened the way into life, life characterized by the very presence and spirit of God. So we turn from self-centered pursuits to selflessly giving ourselves away as He did. We follow our leader, confident that He knows the way to live and lead.

  • Who the Spirit Leads

    Devotionals | July 22, 2016

    God has invited us to become partners with Him in what He is doing in the world. Think of it! He, sovereign over all the universe, invites us into intimate relationship with Him so that we can be active participants in making earth “as it is in heaven.” We experience the reality of life characterized by intimate relationship with Him, and through His Spirit, we become bearers of His light, life, and truth. He desires to lead us today. Pride and fear will keep us isolated from Him. Will you humbly place yourself at His disposal?

  • The Two Most Important Questions Every Leader Must Answer

    Blog | Karen McGuire | July 19, 2016

    From the time we are born until we die (I suppose), we all seem to have a lot of questions. As a little child, we want to know “Why is the sky blue?” “Why do fish swim underwater?” “Why do you do that?” and more!!

    As a youth, we want to know “Why can’t I stay out as late as my friends?” “Why can’t I watch that on TV or at the movies?” “Why do I have to clean my room? No one ever goes in my room.” And again, more!!

  • Being an agent for good isn’t difficult. Every human on this planet has the ability to do good to his or her fellow human. A smile. A warm meal. A kind word. Many, many people contribute to the well-being of their neighbors each day through large and small selfless acts of kindness. By their good works they influence others.

    Leadership is influencing others.

    If what you do, say, or how you live influences others… you’re leading. You are a leader.

  • First, Center, All

    Devotionals | July 07, 2016

    Where does your source of security, self-worth, and wisdom lie? Over and over, Scripture warns us that this world we live in is temporary, fleeting. We are cautioned that riches are deceptive and that the longing for power and prestige does not reflect the values of God’s kingdom. Jesus calls us to set our eyes on the cross, to work for treasure that is stored for us in heaven, to not be so busy trying to make a life here that we lose ourselves in the process. Where does your source of security, self-worth, and wisdom lie?

  • Phyllis

    What Do You Want…Really? 3 Important Truths for Desperate Leaders

    Blog | Phyllis Hendry Halverson | July 07, 2016

    “Get the ball!” he shouted at the top of his lungs from the bleachers. “You’ve got to want it. REALLY want it!”

    Frankly, I was pretty frustrated with this father, who had been shouting this same same mantra to his daughter throughout the entire event. And now as a tangle of seventh grade girls struggled to get the basketball from one another at the end of a very close game, the intensity of his “encouragement” elevated to a whole new level.

  • Stand Firm and Hold Fast

    Devotionals | July 06, 2016

    God has given us this day to live, to love, to lead like Jesus. Whatever yesterday held, whatever may come our way tomorrow, we trust it all to Him. Today, this day, we live, love, and lead by faith. Today we live by engaging with each opportunity; we love by honoring those around us; we lead by serving God with heart, head, hands, and habits. Today lies before us. How will our lives and leadership exalt God today?