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  • Freedom

    Devotionals | July 04, 2016

    Jesus’ message and ministry was one of freedom. He proclaimed that He Himself was (and is) the One who brings the fullness of salvation, forgiveness, and deliverance to those who are oppressed and held captive by sin. His wisdom-infused teaching and life-restoring miracles confirmed that He Himself is the source of life and freedom. Celebrate the freedom found in Him, freedom to know the life and love found in Him, freedom to love and serve others in His name.

  • Would You Be Free

    Devotionals | July 01, 2016

    Men and women long for freedom. That longing can lead us astray. Blinded by the world in which we live, we may think that the freedom we seek is found in the things and people that surround us. “If only,” we begin to think. If only my life were like that person’s life, in only my family were like theirs, if only I had what they have, if only my circumstances were different. God offers us a different perspective. If only, He says, people would turn to me, if only they would trust me, if only they would receive my love, if only they would follow me.

  • The LORD Watches Over You

    Devotionals | June 24, 2016

    As leaders, we know what it is to watch over people. As those who have been given responsibility to lead the way, we watch over organizational vision, values, and mission. At home, we watch over family members; at work, we watch over employees; at church, we watch over the family of God. Sometimes the load of responsibility feels overwhelming. Who watches over us? Repeatedly, Scripture assures us that it is the LORD Himself who watches over and cares for us. He knows everything about the load we carry, and He is always with us to guide and protect.

  • God Alone

    Devotionals | June 01, 2016

    What idols do we turn to instead of turning to the LORD? How might these idols reflect our reliance on our personal strengths? Do we tend to trust in our own abilities, our own intelligence and resources, edging God out through self-reliance? Or do our idols reflect our weaknesses, weakening us as we center our lives around them and live under their control, again edging God out of our lives and circumstances? Center your life on Him so that, in your weakness and in your strength, God will be exalted in and through your life.  

  • Heather Day

    Destined or Doomed: The Heart of the Marriage Matter

    Blog | Heather Day | May 25, 2016

    They say that opposites attract – and that’s certainly been true for me.

    If our Myers-Briggs types were geographical locations, my ENFP self would be partying with the elves at the North Pole, while my ISTJ husband would be quietly reading amongst the penguins at the South.

    He’s the toast to my jelly. The brake petal to my accelerator. The Milli to my Vanilli. I need him, and he needs me.

    But here’s what “they” don’t always say.

  • Do Not Worry

    Devotionals | May 25, 2016

    Few of us try to make our lives more difficult than they need to be. Yet when difficulties mount, and we are distracted and worried, and we may become anxious. Our stressful reactions only contribute to the problems in front of us. This is just one of the reasons Jesus so emphatically tells us not to worry about our lives. Even more importantly, Jesus knows that our lives are part of the story God is writing. As challenges come your way, let them be reminders to more intentionally seek the Lord, and to follow Him into the future.

  • Garbage In, Garbage Out: Preventing Leader’s Disease

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | May 24, 2016

    Last week, my daughter, Holley, reminded me of an extremely important leadership, and life, principle. The stuff that comes out is only as good as the stuff that goes in.

    This simple principle is first attributed to George Fuechsel, an early IBM programmer and instructor. Fuechsel is said to have used "garbage in, garbage out" as a concise way of reminding his students that a computer just processes what it is given (TechTarget., March 2008).

  • Lay It Down

    Devotionals | May 13, 2016

    What are you proudest of in life? Where do you find your security? While the world teaches us to cling to things like relationships, accomplishments, and possessions, God asks us to place them on the altar before Him. Paul shows us the way. As he laid down all that he was and had, he found more than he imagined. What does God need you to lay down?

  • Megan Pacheco

    Doing the Right Thing...Even When It Hurts

    Blog | Megan Pacheco | May 10, 2016

    “It is true that integrity alone won't make you a leader, but without integrity, you will never be one.” Zig Ziglar

    In May 2005, Andy Roddick, the top seeded U.S. tennis player, was playing a match in the Rome Masters against much lower seeded Fernando Verdasco. Fernando had already lost the first set and was about to lose the second. As Fernando served for what seemed his last opportunity to save the game, the umpire called his ball out, giving the match to Roddick. By all accounts, Andy was the winner.

  • Unless the Lord

    Devotionals | May 02, 2016

    God calls us to lives of complete surrender to His will and His way. No sphere of life is to be excluded. Each dream and vision, every task and conversation, every relationship is included in His call. The temptation to live and lead in our own strength will always be with us. Yet Solomon reminds us that success comes not from human effort, but from the Lord’s leading the way. Where are you tempted to exclude the Lord from your life and leadership? Invite Him to have His way and to lead the way so that your efforts are not in vain.