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  • A New Normal

    Devotionals | April 01, 2016

    Can you imagine the disciples’ thoughts on this Friday? It was just a week since they had seen Jesus crucified and buried. But this Friday was radically different. Today, they knew Jesus in a way that they had never known Him before. Peter’s early confession of Jesus as God’s Anointed One had proven true. This same Jesus is still alive today. How is He changing your perspective in light of His resurrection?

  • Thinking Ahead

    Devotionals | February 17, 2016

    Prayerfully thinking ahead marked Jesus’ mission. Whether it was resisting temptation, ministering to others, or developing leaders, He lived in light of God’s call on His life. Likewise, God urges us to seek His perspective on the work He has called us to do. With our mission, vision, and values in place, we are better equipped to stay focused in challenging times. When unexpected change comes, we are better able to revise plans and respond ‘in the moment.’ Where do you need to prayerfully think ahead today?

  • First Say Yes

    Devotionals | February 15, 2016

    How much does your relationship with God shape your life? Saying yes to God and yielding to Him as our ultimate authority is the defining ‘yes’ that overshadows and permeates every aspect of life. Jesus’ ‘yes’ to God led Him to say yes to God’s will, even as it led Him to say no to Satan and the things of this world. Like Jesus, our ‘yes’ to God supersedes all other requests or demands. Leading like Jesus means that we yield like Jesus, saying ‘yes’ to the One who loves us more than life itself.

  • Storing Up Treasure

    Devotionals | February 10, 2016

    Psalm 1 extols the benefits of consistently meditating on God’s law, as does Psalm 119. Proverbs compares the wisdom God gives with silver, gold, and precious gems. As we meditate on God’s Word, His truth and wisdom begin to permeate our thoughts and shape our leadership perspective. Our minds are transformed with the same truth that shaped the character and ministry of Jesus. What kind of treasure do you store up in your mind? How much does God’s Word shape your perspective and influence your decision-making?

  • Lengths

    Devotionals | January 18, 2016

    Most of us will go to great lengths to ask God to go along with our plans. We spend time thinking about and pleading for God to do what we think is best. But how often do we go to God to ask Him what He thinks is best? Are we as focused on hearing God’s thoughts and plans as we are on telling Him ours? Are we as passionate about pursuing His vision as we are on pursuing our own?

    Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.—Colossians 4:2

  • In All Our Ways

    Devotionals | January 15, 2016

    God’s trustworthiness encompasses all of life; His unlimited wisdom and comprehension greatly exceed our own. As Creator of the universe, it is He who gives us wisdom and knowledge. Yet He never intends for us to exercise our intellect independently of Him. He calls us to acknowledge Him as the source of all wisdom, to follow His revealed Word, and to trust His ways in all we do. It is in trusting God wholeheartedly that we show ourselves trustworthy to others.

  • Anytime

    Devotionals | January 13, 2016

    Taking on the role of a leader is as simple, and as challenging, as responding to the opportunities God places before us. These opportunities may be scheduled, or occur unexpectedly; they may involve guiding, challenging, correcting, or encouraging others. To lead like Jesus is to view any time as an opportunity to let God work through us. What opportunities will you have to lead today? Will you step up and take on the role of a leader, or will you shrink back and lose the opportunity to make a difference?

  • Hope for All

    Devotionals | January 01, 2016

    The world longs for a vision of hope and peace. As it was in Jesus’ day, so it is now. The source of hope and peace is the same now as it was then. Jesus is the light of the world, the One whose coming was foretold, the One who brought healing, reconciliation, and life to all who would listen. What do you see when you look at the world? Who do you see who needs God’s healing, restoration, and reconciliation with God and others?

  • Past-Present-Future

    Devotionals | December 30, 2015

    The God of eternity is present in our midst. Jesus has come from the Father and poured out the Spirit into our hearts. Our union with Christ means that we are forever secure, already at home in the heavenlies, and in constant touch with the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. He is at work to redeem every aspect of our lives, transforming us by the power of His Spirit at work within us. Trust Him today with your past, present, and future.

  • Living in the Light

    Devotionals | December 21, 2015

    What is your vision of life? Who or what is your God? For whom do you live? Overarching vision provides direction, undergirds decision-making, and gives meaning to otherwise ordinary or difficult tasks. Jesus' vision undergirded His intimate relationship with His Father and resulted in unflagging obedience, as He lived in light of the kingdom of God. What difference will your vision of life make in how you live today?