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  • Reflecting Reality

    Devotionals | September 04, 2015

    John’s gospel, like his letters, reflect a lifetime of knowing and serving Jesus. It is only in John’s gospel that we have the story of Jesus’ washing the disciples’ feet and Jesus’ prayer as He prepared for the cross. The depth of John’s insight and simplicity of his writing show that he has internalized the message of living, loving, and leading like Jesus. Does Jesus’ leadership perspective permeate our lives so that we, too, reveal Jesus in all we say and do?

  • Hurry Up, Get Busy, Do More

    Devotionals | July 17, 2015

    Being busy is often part of making things happen. But do constantly frenzied activity and full calendars necessarily mean that anything of value is being accomplished? Knowing the importance of His mission, Jesus lived purposefully rather than hurriedly. He moved from one God-ordained encounter to the next, and taught others to do the same. What can you do to make sure that hurry and busy-ness are not edging God out of your life and leadership?

  • Surprised by Jesus

    Devotionals | July 06, 2015

    How many times were people surprised by Jesus? Repeatedly, He surprised, not only the crowds, but His disciples, as well, with His counter-cultural perspective and actions. Loving the unlovely, believing in the potential of unlikely followers, offering grace and forgiveness instead of judgment, serving instead of demanding to be served, preferring solitude and the companionship of friends to popularity and the public spotlight. Does your leadership surprise people, too? How are your leadership attitudes and actions different from the world?

  • The Leader's Determination

    Devotionals | June 29, 2015

    What are you determined to do? Who are you determined to be? We have been created to be like Jesus and to live as He lived, in total dependence on the Father. We look to see what the Father is doing in His world so that we can join Him. We follow His lead, not the other way around. Moving into this new day, let us look to our God who leads the way and follow Him. Where are you determined to follow God and lead like Jesus today?

  • 20/20 Vision

    Devotionals | May 29, 2015

    As leaders, people around us depend on us to have excellent vision. They depend on us to know where we are taking them and how to get there. To see accurately, we need to need to see at macro and micro levels. We need to see the vision and the larger context within which we are pursuing our goal, the culture, the historical setting, and future trends. We need to see our people clearly, to know their strengths and weaknesses, their developmental level and best fit within the organization. Where do you need God to sharpen your vision?

  • Empowered by the Spirit

    Devotionals | May 22, 2015

    Pentecost marks the coming of the Holy Spirit to empower Jesus’ disciples to fulfill the commission He had given them. On that day, Peter and the disciples, commissioned by Jesus and anointed by the Holy Spirit, stepped into leadership roles in the newly formed and rapidly growing church. We are part of that church today, in part because they were willing to accept the leadership responsibilities given to them by God. How does believing that God has placed you in your present leadership roles change your perspective on how to lead today?