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  • Rumors and Lies

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | March 21, 2017

    “I need to ask you something, Mrs. V.” Tears threatened to brim over as his eyes searched mine.

    “My goodness! What’s wrong, Felix?” This was a young man I had had in eighth grade two years before and who was now one of my high school students. We had always had a good relationship, even a kindred spirit.

    “A kid in your second period class is telling people you call us Mexicans ‘Beaners.’ Is it true?”

  • The Power of Expectancy

    Blog | Chelsea Arrington | November 15, 2016

    “Dear Lord, I know You can heal him if it be Your will…”

    “Oh Father, would You reveal Yourself to her?”

    “If it’s possible, God, will You…?”

    Have you prayed prayers like these as I have? Wanting to see miracles happen, but not wanting to be disappointed? I often feel that my prayers become a spin cycle of repetition. I have less and less faith the longer I pray for something or someone until I simply cease to pray about it at all.

    Lacking Expectation

  • Jesus’ Touch: Connecting to Influence Change

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | November 08, 2016

    In March 2010, doctors at Sydney Hospital in Australia, fought to save the life of Jamie Ogg.  Jamie and his sister were born too early.  After 20 minutes, Jamie was pronounced dead.  Doctors passed him to his parents, Kate and David, so they could say good bye.  Kate placed him on her bare chest.  The parents caressed and talked to their son; and within a few minutes something unexpected happened, some call it a miracle, Jamie came to life (New Zealand Herald, March 2012). 

  • Calculated Risks

    Why Standing Still is Not an Option

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | October 04, 2016

    “I’ll bet you a dollar he strikes out!”

    “I’ll take that bet!”

    The batter struck out, and the dollar bill passed down the line of young baseball fans.

    “I’ll bet you a dollar that he makes it to first base!”

    “I’ll take that bet!”

    The batter got a walk, and the same dollar bill passed back to the original owner.

  • Heather Day

    Micromanaging Stinks – or Does It?

    Blog | Heather Day | August 30, 2016

    The results are in, and everyone agrees: No one likes to be micromanaged.  Empowerment is good; micromanagement is bad. Case closed…let’s all move on.

    But wait… Who’s that over in the corner clearing his throat, challenging this universally accepted notion? Why, it’s the ever-outspoken Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric! And, of course, he sees things differently.  Go figure. 

  • Phyllis

    What Do You Want…Really? 3 Important Truths for Desperate Leaders

    Blog | Phyllis Hendry Halverson | July 07, 2016

    “Get the ball!” he shouted at the top of his lungs from the bleachers. “You’ve got to want it. REALLY want it!”

    Frankly, I was pretty frustrated with this father, who had been shouting this same same mantra to his daughter throughout the entire event. And now as a tangle of seventh grade girls struggled to get the basketball from one another at the end of a very close game, the intensity of his “encouragement” elevated to a whole new level.

  • Anchored Leadership: What Keeps You from Drifting?

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | June 28, 2016

    “Mommy! Help me with this worm. Please, Mommy!”

    “Just a minute. Mommy needs to row out a little farther and let down the anchor again.”

    I had taken my three little ones out fishing one bright, sunny afternoon. The rock pile that was always a good hideout for bass and perch was just a hundred yards or so offshore… an easy row and shallow enough for the anchor rope.

  • When You Open the Door, Get Out of the Way

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | June 21, 2016

    You wake up and just know it’s going to be one of those days.

    At work, the project doesn’t seem to be moving like it should, and you can’t quite figure out why. You’ve been on that new diet for months, but can’t lose those last five pounds. You’ve been trying to use that gym membership you bought, but lately your schedule has been crazy.

  • In God We Trust

    Blog | Karen McGuire | April 28, 2016

    In God We Trust.

    These words are listed as the official motto of the United States, though not without debate – and certainly not without controversy. It appears on most of our money, both coin and paper. It was originally chosen to replace “E pluribus unum” or “Out of many, one.” It is reflected in music, poetry, writings, etc.

    What does it mean?