• Leaders Are Always Drifting or Driving

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | November 16, 2021

    I recently signed up for a streaming radio service. I had this service before and cancelled it so I wasn’t sure what I would find. I came across “The Message,” a Christian station, as if on cue, the host said: “Our challenges either drive us towards or cause us to drift further away from God.”  It must have been the right time for me to hear this message.

  • "Thanks A Lot!"

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | November 09, 2021

    “Now that everyone is on board, we have just a few disclaimers we want to share. There may be times when we have to readjust our landing to avoid power lines. Also if the landing area is rough and the wind is too strong, you will need to hang on tight in case the basket is dragged across the ground. But don’t worry! I’m sure we’ll have a great ride with no problems.”

  • 5 Signs that you Need to Quit Something

    Blog | Charles Stone | November 03, 2021

    Quitters never win and winners never quit was drilled into my mind at an early age. I believed it. I practiced it. I lived it. I only quit one thing in my life before age 18, my high school football team. I quit because I sat on the bench 99.976% of the time. Since, then, however, I’ve questioned the veracity of that phrase, as catchy as it may sound. And recently I heard a concept that further spurred my thinking about quitting – strategic quitting. What is strategic quitting and why should pastors and leaders practice it?

  • Wisdom...Just Ask

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | October 28, 2021

    Wisdom. Most of us need more. When we understand our lack, we can ask God for His provision. And when we do, He gives it. This aspect of relying on God's wisdom is especially important since we live in a shame-based culture. Control is maintained by creating a sense that if you don't conform to social norms, you are not acceptable. The world wants us to live up to the image of what the world thinks is socially acceptable. When this happens, social acceptance becomes the main cultural value. The fear of rejection and being ostracized is a powerful motivator.

  • Serendipity and Spiritual ADD

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | October 18, 2021

    “Believe in Something Bigger!” That was quite a statement of promise on a sign in the window of my local convenience store. Then at the bottom I saw what that “bigger” something was: Powerball. The multi-state lottery.

    I am amused when the secular world tries to be profoundly spiritual. Whether it is shampoo, lotions, accessories, cars, or lottery tickets, everyone wants their promotion to appear deeper than just crass commercialism.

  • Leadership Interrupted

    Blog | Kristin Beyer | September 30, 2021

    My cell phone buzzed as I sat at the table for a quick bite to eat on Sunday morning, five kids whirling around me, ready to hop in the car and leave for church as soon as I got up. The phone call coming in was from a woman who usually called when she had a big favor to ask of me, and I didn’t think I had time to listen to whatever it was that I thought she needed.

  • Don't Park in Your Past

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | September 28, 2021

    “We are all products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it,” said Pastor Rick Warren, best-selling author of The Purpose-Driven Life. When we become Christians, wouldn’t it be great if God erased the memory of our past mistakes? I used to think if ONLY God would delete the hard drive of my unhappy memories, that would be a huge relief. What I didn’t know was that it was my choice whether or not to park in my past or allow God to help me move onward into maturity in Christ.

  • Getting Out of the Storm

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | September 21, 2021

    Why do bad things happen?  Humans have been asking this question, probably, since the beginning of time, or at least after we were pushed out of Eden.  In our past few articles, we’ve explored storms (bad things).  We’ve seen why God causes or allows storms, how the behaviors of others may affect us, and how we sometimes bring the storms upon ourselves. 

    Why do bad things happen?

  • Disappointments and Regrets

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | September 14, 2021

    “Mom, why aren’t you coming to my recital?”

    “I’m just too nervous.”

    “But you know how hard I’ve worked on this piece all year! You’ve heard me practice!”

    “I know. But I don’t want to be disappointed if you make mistakes.”

    But I don’t want to be disappointed if you make mistakes