Making Room for Interruptions

Making Room for Interruptions

When was the last time you were interrupted?

Was it at work by an employee who’s not on your ”favorite list”? Was it at home by one of your children or your spouse while you were trying to finish a project? Was it at the store by an acquaintance with whom you really had no desire to chitchat? Or maybe it was a detour that interrupted an otherwise well-planned trip.

Life’s interruptions are frequent, and we tend to look at them as unnecessary, bothersome, annoying and counterproductive.

Yet, if we would pause and take the time, we might discover that many of those moments of interruption are actually God ordained and meant to help us refocus, reprioritize or take note of something unexpected (at least by us) that God is doing in our life.

Jesus was a leader who welcomed interruptions. His first miracle, changing water into wine, was a moment of interruption brought on by his mother. Later, Jesus’ disciples unsuccessfully tried to eliminate interruptions by trying to keep children from coming to Him. When in the midst of a large crowd a sick woman touched His cloak, Jesus stopped and allowed her and her need to interrupt what seemed to be His primary activity.

Jesus never saw anyone as an annoyance or as an interruption. Every moment, every encounter and every individual, no matter how “insignificant,” mattered to Him.

As you watch this quick video by one of our master trainers, Luke Kuepfer, think about interruptions in your own life and ways they can shape you into a better leader and influencer. 



Megan Pacheco

Megan Pacheco

Megan Pacheco is the Chief Learning Officer at Lead Like Jesus. Born and raised in Poland, Megan moved to the U.S. at 17 and after finishing her studies, she started work in the faith-based sector, where she has served for over 13 years. She comes with years of experience in product development, marketing and alliances and is passionate about using her God-given talents to advance the cause of Christ. Megan is a writer, and her content on issues like personal finances, money and marriage and  raisingchildren have been published by More Living, Yahoo Finance, AllParenting, FoxBusiness, DailyFinance, and Crosswalk. Megan is married to David and they have two sons, Joshua and Daniel.

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