Missed Blessings

Missed Blessings

Do you ever wonder how many blessings a day you miss because you make a decision without checking with God first? How many boxes are going to be stacked in Heaven’s warehouse marked, “Kim’s missed blessings?” I recall when I was in 4th grade, our teacher was making a bulletin board and put the following question on it: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? I did not have to think twice. I had always wanted to be a teacher. But, as she went around the room, all the girls were saying they wanted to be teachers. So, I decided I did not want to be like everyone else and when the teacher got to me, my mouth opened wide and out came, “I want to be an archaeologist.” Now, where in the world that came from, I will never know. I assure you I was the only one in the class that chose that profession.

A couple days later, we were sitting in class and the teacher called on one of the girls that chose teaching as their grown up profession, and let them come to the front of the class and teach part of the lesson. Each day another “teacher” got to teach part of the lesson. I was so disappointed that I had missed out on the chance to do what I had always wanted to do – teach. It was all because I took it upon myself to be different and not go with my heart. I missed a blessing.

Missed blessings have been around since the beginning of time. Think about some of the following examples we find in the Bible:

  • Adam and Eve and the ever-burning question, “What if she hadn’t of taken a bite of the apple?”
  • What if Cain had not killed Abel?
  • What if David had not pursued Bathsheba?
  • What if Jacob had not taken Esau’s birthright?
  • What if Peter had not denied he knew Jesus 3 times before the rooster crowed?
  • What if Judas had not betrayed Jesus?
  • What if Jonah had gone to Nineveh the first time? One blessing we know is that he would not have spent some time in the belly of a whale!

What about Abraham and Sarah? Their story begins when they were known as Abram and Sarai. The Lord told Abram to take his wife, Sarai, and his nephew, Lot, and leave his country and his people and go to a land that the Lord would show him. He continued to tell him that He will make him into a great nation, make his name great and all the people on earth would be blessed by Abram. The Lord was with them as they journeyed toward their destination on the Negev.

There was a famine in the land, so Abram went to Egypt to live for a while. On the way, Abram asked Sarai to pretend to be his sister so the Egyptians would not kill him since she was a very beautiful woman. After giving Abram livestock and servants, Pharaoh was made aware of the façade and sent Abram and all he had on their way. What blessings were missed because Abram did not trust God to provide for him and hist family as He has promised?

As time went on, Abram and Lot separated their families, livestock, and servants and each established their own homesteads. The Lord continued to promise Abram and his myriad of offspring land and blessings. One night, the Lord came to Abram in a vision to reassure Abram that He was there for him. Abram questioned the Lord since he and Sarai had born no offspring to this point. The Lord promised Abram that he would bear a son and his offspring would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Abram believed Him.

Fast forward several years and Sarai still did not have any children and was convinced God was not going to give her any, so she gave her servant, Hagar, to Abram. Hagar became pregnant and had a son, Ishmael. What blessings were missed because they did not wait on God to provide the son that was promised?

What blessings were missed because they did not wait on God?

When Abram was 99 the Lord appeared to him and gave him the name Abraham as he was going to be the father of many nations. The Lord changed Sarai’s name to Sarah and told Abram she would be pregnant by this time next year. Sarah would be 90 at the time of this child’s birth which Abraham found quite comical. The next year, just as God promised, Isaac was born. God did deliver on His word despite the missed blessings along the way, and His covenant with Abraham and Isaac produced many nations and offspring as numerous as the stars in the sky.

What are our takeaways from all of this?

  • God wants to bless us. All we must do is ask Him! (Philippians 4:19)
  • God cares about all stuff – big and small! If it is important to us, it is important to God. (1 Peter 5:7)
  • When you miss a blessing, move on, and look forward to the next one you won’t miss! (Isaiah 43:18)

Look for those blessings!

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