Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

In 2 Kings 6, we find several stories of the prophet Elisha. One of the stories involves the king of Aram who is chasing Elisha and wishes to capture the prophet. In verse 13, the king says, “Go and see where he is, so I can send men to capture him.”  So off the army goes to Dothan (not Alabama) by night and surround the city.

Elisha’s servant awakes the next morning and goes outside to find the place surrounded by the army with chariots and horses. He quickly goes into Elisha and exclaims, “Oh, my master what are we to do?” Elisha calmly replies, “Don’t be afraid, for those who are with us outnumber those who are with them.”

I can only imagine what the servant was thinking … “My master has lost his mind. There are only two of us and he’s not see what is outside.”  Or “My master is an idiot and does not know what he’s going to do.” Or “We’re all going to die!!!!”

The story continues with Elisha praying, “Lord, please open his eyes and let him see.” The Lord hears and responds to Elisha’s prayer. The servant was able to see the mountain covered with horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha!

So you may be wondering how this might apply to you, or me, or to leadership. Here’s Elisha and his servant trapped in a no win situation. And Elisha stops to pray.

We may often find ourselves in no win situations in life and leadership. We may wonder what in the world is the possible and potential outcome of the scenario we are facing. It’s looking bleak and dark on the inside.

We search for answers from our own resources, or those of our friends (and maybe a few enemies), we check out every online resource (some reputable and some not). We need help and we’ve tried everything.

At some point in our despair, we hear that still small voice whisper, “Ask Me.”

At some point in our despair, we hear that still small voice whisper, “Ask Me.”  Perhaps then or a few days later after we’ve heard the whisper again and again, we decide “what do I have to lose??” I’ll ask.

Consider the sleepless nights, the fruitless searches, the unending questions and yet the God of the universe is waiting for us to ask! He won’t intervene uninvited. He’s waiting patiently to help us.

What if we started there like Elisha did? An army surrounding him, difficulties abounding, challenges all around, a stressed out coworker in a panic and the prophet stops to pray. A simple prayer – “God, open his eyes!” Then the stressed out coworker has the experience of a lifetime – he had a front row seat to the activity of God.

What challenges in life and leadership are you facing?

What challenges in life and leadership are you facing? Do you need your eyes to be open to the activity of God all around you? Would you be willing to ask God on your behalf to open your eyes or the eyes of those around you?

If you’d like to know the rest of the story, read the rest of 2 Kings 6. You’ll be glad you did.

(2 Kings is an Old Testament book that follows the lives of a number of Israel’s kings and their escapades. As a leader, you will learn much about leadership – good and bad – by reading both 1 and 2 Kings as well as 1 and 2 Chronicles. Are you up for a good challenge?? Check them out!

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Karen McGuire

Karen McGuire came to Lead Like Jesus in February 2004 following the first Lead Like Jesus Celebration in Birmingham, Alabama, in November 2003, where she served as the volunteer coordinator. She comes with vast experience in local church ministry and denominational work and has been instrumental in the formation of several successful nonprofit ventures, including two churches, a seminary, a medical missions organization, and a welfare-to-work program. Karen served on several church staffs, held many volunteer positions in her local church, and is a Bible study teacher and seminar and retreat leader. She has one son and two young adult granddaughters.

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