• Phyllis

    Leadership Starts with the Heart

    Blog | Phyllis Hendry Halverson | June 03, 2015

    What does your heart have to do with leadership?  In one word – everything.

    The heart is “our why.” Within the heart lies the reason why we do what we do; it is our intention and motivation.  It is the core of who we are, so it has everything to do with everything.  Scripture tells us clearly, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”(Proverbs 4:23).

  • Rich and Barbara Meiss

    Lead Like Jesus is pleased to introduce Rich and Barbara Meiss as the new Directors of Leadership Development Services. In their new roles, Rich and Barbara will help mobilize, train and engage an ever-growing network of Leadership Development Facilitators so that more people will be trained and equipped to lead like Jesus.

    “Rich and Barbara bring a lifetime of experience in the training and development field and a heart for ministry,” said Phyllis H. Hendry, President/CEO of Lead Like Jesus. “I am thrilled to have them on our team.”

  • Seasons of Rest

    Devotionals | June 01, 2015

    David paints a picture of rest and refreshment in Psalm 23:1-2. We can imagine ourselves in the green pastures, see the sunlight glinting off the rippling water, and sense the shepherd nearby. Just a few phrases later, David speaks of dark valleys, lurking pressures and enemies, yet he finds comfort and courage in the Lord’s guidance, presence, and goodness. Seasons of rest are God’s provision to strengthen us for the challenging work of leading like Jesus. Take advantage of the seasons of rest He gives you, then renewed and refreshed, rise to lead, knowing that He goes with you.

  • One of the most influential Christian leaders in Indonesia is helping open new doors for reaching the island nation with the life-transforming leadership of Jesus.

    Pak Suhandoko Wirhaspati, pastor and chairman of Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI), sees the benefits of structuring his organization around the concept of Jesus-demonstrated leadership.

  • 20/20 Vision

    Devotionals | May 29, 2015

    As leaders, people around us depend on us to have excellent vision. They depend on us to know where we are taking them and how to get there. To see accurately, we need to need to see at macro and micro levels. We need to see the vision and the larger context within which we are pursuing our goal, the culture, the historical setting, and future trends. We need to see our people clearly, to know their strengths and weaknesses, their developmental level and best fit within the organization. Where do you need God to sharpen your vision?

  • Words of Hope

    Devotionals | May 27, 2015

    What kind of words cause you to rise to a challenge? The exact words may differ from person to person, but typically they can be categorized as words of hope, encouragement and belief. When we hear trusted friends and associates verbalize their faith in us, those words continue to ring deeply in the well of our souls. They echo back to us long past the moment when they were uttered, becoming a source of ongoing encouragement and motivation. Jesus believes in you today; let His voice drown out the voice of discouragement with words of hope. Take courage and be strong!

  • The people of Uyo, Nigeria are becoming familiar with the leadership side of their Savior.

    From youth to parents and from business leaders to ministry leaders, Nigerians in the Southeast region of this African nation are being presented with the opportunity to attend Ignite conferences and Encounters.

    During one May weekend, 2,300 high school students from four public schools local to Uyo were taken through Lead Like Jesus’ resource for young leaders: Ignite.

  • Carried by Friends

    Devotionals | May 25, 2015

    There may be times when we sense that the task before us is too great for the resources available to us. We may realize that God is our only hope, but we can’t seem to find it in ourselves to pray or to believe that He is hearing our prayers. If you find yourself facing such a time, let the story of the paralytic carried by friends into the presence of Jesus inspire you. Call together trusted friends and ask them to come alongside you, seeking God’s intervention on your behalf.