• The Eyes Say It All

    Devotionals | December 20, 2021

    Eyes are windows into a person's inner being. They communicate compassion, anger, questions, and sadness. Eyes can narrow in contempt or open wide in surprise and joy. A glance can demean or encourage others. Eyes also allow us to receive information and insight about life. Humble eyes look at life from God's perspective, not from a human perspective. They see what He sees. What will your eyes reveal about you today?

    You save the humble but bring low those whose eyes are haughty.—Psalm 18:27

  • Recognizing God's Voice

    Devotionals | December 17, 2021

    How do you know when God is talking to you? How do you tune your ear to His voice? Elijah had to pour out his discouragement to God and listen intently before he heard Him. Habakkuk poured out his questions to God and waited patiently for an answer. Saul had to be forcibly stopped by Jesus Himself while he was in the middle of pursuing his own agenda before he could hear God's direction for his life. What about you?

    "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."—John 10:27

  • Ready to Stay, Ready to Go

    Devotionals | December 15, 2021

    The Israelites had a visible sign of God's presence and direction in the cloud that hovered above the tabernacle. The timing and direction of their coming and going was totally up to God. To lead like Jesus, we must stay attuned to God's presence and leading. How quickly do you respond to God's direction? Are you ready to stay or go at His command?

  • Once Upon a Time

    Devotionals | December 13, 2021

    When you were a child, what were your dreams for your life? When did God enter into those dreams? Even more importantly, when did you begin to realign your life with God's dream for the world? God's vision for the world includes your personal transformation into a Christ-like servant leader who is captured by God's dream to touch and change the world with Christ's love. It is never too late to begin living God's dream. You can start today.

  • Obeying God's Direction

    Devotionals | December 10, 2021

    The crowds constantly came looking for Jesus, trying to get Him to do what they wanted Him to do. They wanted more bread to eat, more people healed, more stories told. Scripture shows us that at times Jesus responded to the ever-present demands, while at other times He walked away. Knowing when to stay and serve, and when to walk away, requires sensitivity and obedience to God's direction. How do you tune your heart to His so that You know what He wants you to do?

  • Learning from Failure

    Devotionals | December 08, 2021

    One of the amazing things about the Bible is that it shows us not only the good side of the people God used, it also shows us their faults and mistakes. Take Peter, who put His foot in His mouth on a regular basis, and even denied knowing Christ. Or David, known as the man after God's heart, who used his power for his own advantage at times. A wise person learns from their own mistakes, as well as from the mistakes of others. What lessons have you learned from failure?

  • It's the Small Things

    Devotionals | December 06, 2021

    The character of leadership is built one moment, one truth, one action at a time. It isn't about the big public displays, but the private character that inevitably shines through in those public moments. It's about thinking of others as more important than ourselves, faithfulness in our relationship with God and those closest to us, integrity, kindness, and honor. What small things do you need to pay attention to in your life?

  • In A Moment

    Devotionals | December 03, 2021

    Some moments in life are life-changing. From that time forward, everything is different. God opens our eyes, and suddenly we hear, we see, we understand that life needs to change. Perhaps we realize that we need to change direction. Or perhaps it becomes clear that we need to continue in the same direction, only now with eyes of faith. Where do you need to see Jesus so that you can follow Him?

  • I Will If He Will

    Devotionals | December 01, 2021

    Where would we be if Jesus' attitude had been, "I will if they will"? What if His mercy and grace were predicated upon us deserving His grace? It is actually just the opposite, according to Scripture. Jesus came to serve and save those who not only did not deserve His love and intervention, but those who desperately needed it all the same. Who do you know who needs to be shown mercy? How can you serve them in Jesus' name?

  • Lead Like Jesus: Emotional Intelligence in Christ

    Part 1

    Podcast | November 29, 2021

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth modeled the highest form of emotional intelligence, connecting the hearts of humanity: love in action. Using His acute awareness, words, intonation, body language, and self-control, Jesus won the hearts of the people who encountered Him from the youngest to the oldest; He positively impacted people’s lives. What if you could do the same?