Living Bread, Fresh Faith

Living Bread, Fresh Faith

As the Hebrews wandered in the wilderness they lived on manna, which appeared each day according to God's promise and provision. Hoarding yesterday's manna did them no good, since each morning God provided what they needed to sustain them. In a similar way, we are called to trust God anew day by day, living in fresh faith, knowing that He will provide for the needs and challenges of the day ahead. Jesus is our bread from heaven who lives eternally. Humbly and confidently trust Him to provide for you today.

I am the bread of life.—John 6:48

Prayer: Jesus, give us fresh faith as we face this new day. Feed us living bread to nourish our souls. Let our experience of Your faithfulness yesterday strengthen our hearts for trusting You today. We place our faith and hope in Your promise and in Your presence as we pray in Your name, amen. 



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