• When the Path is Long

    Devotionals | March 15, 2021

    What is your primary leadership role? Where do you need to show up each day, giving the best of your time and energy to live, love, and lead like Jesus? God is interested in every part of our lives. As we depend on Him, He will pour His strength and wisdom into us, and help us persevere.

  • An Example to Follow

    Devotionals | March 12, 2021

    People are looking for role models. They want their lives to count, to make a difference in the world. Lead Like Jesus looks to Jesus as the ultimate role model for leadership. Who has shown greater commitment to a cause than Jesus? Who has shown greater integrity than Jesus? Who has done more for others than Jesus? Who has made a bigger difference in the world than Jesus? As we follow Jesus, the Father empowers us to be living role models and make a lasting difference. Who do you model your life after?

  • A Path to Restoring Trust

    Devotionals | March 10, 2021

    As men and women who want to lead like Jesus, how do we handle our mistakes? We consistently and humbly seek God's evaluation of our words and actions. We recommit to living according to His Word and by humble dependence on His Spirit. We personally acknowledge our responsibility to those who have been impacted by our wrong choices and ask for their forgiveness. We do what is needed to restore trust. As we do so, we model humility and build renewed trust with others.

  • Heart Check: Despair

    Devotionals | March 08, 2021

    The writer of Ecclesiastes leads us on a journey of evaluating the significance of life and work. Asking "What's in it for me?" leads him to despair. Despair blinds him to asking more important questions like "Whose am I? What has God called me to do? How can I exalt God through my life?" Don't let despair blind you to the presence and purposes of God. Let it drive you to seek Him and His perspective, so that you can rise to serve Him.

    So my heart began to despair over all my toilsome labor under the sun.—Ecclesiastes 2:20


  • To Honor God

    Devotionals | March 01, 2021

    What does it look like for you to honor God today? Does it mean showing up and giving your best when you don't feel like it, moving forward in faith regardless of circumstances?

  • Living Examples

    Devotionals | February 26, 2021

    To love, live, and lead like Jesus is more than a catchphrase, more than a lesson to be taught. Loving, living, and leading like Jesus is an ongoing way of life. When we open our hearts to God’s life-transforming work, the Spirit begins the process of reshaping us into the likeness of Jesus. The life poured into us gives us a new nature and overflows into our relationships with others. The Spirit’s transforming presence flows into every sphere of life: personal and professional, public and private. Concern for others, humility, and God-confidence reshape our leadership.

  • In Light of Who Jesus Is

    Devotionals | February 24, 2021

    One of the saddest verses in Scripture is John 12:37: “Even after Jesus had performed so many signs in their presence, they still would not believe in him.” The crowd’s lack of belief in Jesus stands in contrast to those mentioned a few verses later. This second group was made up of leaders who believed in Jesus, but they were held back by fear and desire for human approval. What tempts you to edge God out of your life and leadership? Whose approval do you seek?

  • A Secure Identity

    Devotionals | February 22, 2021

    When we are secure in our identity in Christ, we have no need to promote, protect, or prove ourselves. We freely and humbly point to Jesus instead of ourselves. We rest in our relationship with God, humbly serving as Jesus did, wherever He leads us. His Spirit assures us that we belong to Him. Our deepest longing is to stay connected to Him and bring Him joy. Is this increasingly true of you? What keeps you from resting in your identity in Christ? What can you do to become more confident of who you are in Christ?