• Two Simple Words

    Devotionals | November 04, 2015

    Consider for a moment the power of the two simple words “thank you.” This simple phrase validates other people as individuals who matter to us and to God. Instead of taking them for granted, we humble ourselves and honor them. When we thank them for their actions or attitude, we affirm the difference they are making in the world. We acknowledge that they had a choice to make and that their choice has value. For someone today, hearing “thank you” may be life-changing. Will they hear it from you?

  • God is Great

    Devotionals | November 02, 2015

    When bad news comes your way, where do you turn? Hezekiah immediately turned to prayer when he was threatened. But he didn’t just pray for help. Hezekiah began and ended his prayer by remembering who God was. He exalted God, praising Him, honoring Him as greater than any threat he faced. Put your problems in perspective by focusing on God and His greatness.

  • Shining Brightly

    Devotionals | October 30, 2015

    What would it look like to live today without any complaining or arguing? How would it affect your peace of mind and the quality of your relationships? What difference would it make in your workplace and home? God calls us to trust Him with the ups and downs of life, and to honor those who are in authority over us. He calls us to reflect Him in all aspects of our lives, in every sphere of leadership entrusted to us. May others see the Father through you today and give glory to Him.

  • Hypocrisy or Humility

    Devotionals | October 28, 2015

    It is easy to be critical of Peter’s self-confident corrections of Jesus. First he corrected Jesus’ understanding of what it meant to be the Messiah. Then he boasted that he would die for Jesus. Before criticizing Peter, however, perhaps we need to look at ourselves. How easy is it for us to humble ourselves before God? What about humbling ourselves before other people? How easily do we receive needed correction from them or from the Lord? This kind of humility isn’t found within humanity’s self-seeking and honor-defending nature; it flows from the heart of God Himself.

  • Rising to the Challenge

    Devotionals | October 26, 2015

    God has always used challenges in the life of faith. He brought the Israelites to the Red Sea in order to teach them to trust Him when they faced overwhelming obstacles. Consider how God grows us through challenges, teaching us about faith, revealing His goodness and power to us as we look to Him. The same God who met Moses and the Israelites as they faced the Red Sea will meet us in our challenges. He will make a way as we look to Him and follow His lead.

  • A Leader's Desire

    Devotionals | October 23, 2015

    Our hearts’ desires shape our actions. What is inside of us bubbles up and overflows in our prayers, our goal-setting, habits, and interactions with others. How often do we pray for God to make us like Him? Is our first concern the need and well-being of those entrusted to our care? At home, within the church, in the workplace and the world-at-large, people need to experience the love and mercy of God. They need to experience Jesus. Will they meet Him in you today? What is your desire?

  • In Light of Jesus' Return

    Devotionals | October 21, 2015

    The early disciples lived in light of the day when Jesus would return. His incarnation, His death and resurrection had inaugurated a new day. They knew Jesus would return as He promised. This is why in the midst of great opposition and persecution, the apostles urged the early church to rejoice. This is why grace and peace and joy were present realities for them. Jesus had come, Jesus was with them, they were in Him and He in them, and He was coming back again. Is this truth a reality for you today? Live in such a way that your life reveals His living presence.

  • Each Day a New Day

    Devotionals | October 19, 2015

    Each day is a new day to be lived. We may or may not know what to expect as we rise to begin it. Whether our schedule is predictable or the challenges we face are overwhelming, our choice remains the same: How will we choose to respond, in faith or in fear? Where will our confidence be? Who will see us through? Will we draw closer to God, or will we shrink back and go our own way? May our lives exalt God today, and point others to the One who loves them.

  • Amazed

    Devotionals | October 16, 2015

    How recently have you come to the cross? How recently have you fallen to your knees in wonder at God’s love and grace? How can this be, that God would give Himself to redeem us? The good news of Jesus Christ is not merely an intellectual concept or a leadership philosophy; the good news is life; the good news is a person; the good news is Jesus. Look to Him today, let His sacrifice find its way into your heart and invade your thoughts. Be changed in His presence. Then rise to live, love, and lead like Him.

  • Hesitating

    Devotionals | October 14, 2015

    There may be times when we as leaders find ourselves hesitating to move forward with what God has given us to do. Regardless of our commitment to follow His leading, we struggle to find a path forward. What blocks our way—fear, pride, internal pressures, or external circumstances? What concerns us—the cost required, how others will respond, the likelihood of success, or uncertainty about how to proceed? How does God factor into our thinking? Seeking Him is always a good start.

    I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.—Proverbs 8:17