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Digging Deeper Call Archives

Digging Deeper in DISC Practitioner Call Archives

April 2020- A Special Message from our President/CEO

March 2020- DISC Collaboration Report

February 2020- Relationship Report Debrief

January 2020- Understanding and Interpreting Graph I and Graph II

November 2019- Sharing Best Practices with Biblical and Classic DISC Assessments

October 2019- Comparing/Contrasting Biblical DISC® with Other Personality Assessment Models, specifically -The Enneagram – a popular assessment today

September 2019 – Deep Dive into New Features of Team Dynamic Report – Jennifer Larsen, Assessments 24X7 

May 2019- Digging Deeper into Jesus’ Behavioral Styles- Ken Voges

April 2019- Digging Deeper into the High C Behavioral Pattern- Ken Voges

March 2019- Digging Deeper into the High S Behavioral Pattern- Ken Voges

February 2019 – Digging Deeper into the High I Behavioral Patterns – Ken Voges

January 2019-Digging Deeper into the High D Behavioral Patterns- Ken Voges

March 2018- Using Biblical DISC® for Team Building at Cornerstone Lutheran Church- Jane Callahan

February 2018- Classic DISC in the corporate world- Susan Barnhill

January 2018- Biblical DISC® 3.0 New Feature

November 2017 – Tension Among the DISC Styles – Barbara Meiss

October 2017 – Marketing DISC Assessments- Ken Voges

May 2017 – DISC Relationship Report- Rich and Barbara Meiss

March 2017 – DISC Collaboration Report- Rich and Barbara Meiss

February 2017 – DISC Case Studies- Bob Pike and Barbara Meiss