Future Generation Leaders for Jesus

Students around the world are learning what it means to lead as Jesus led through the Ignite student training program. Here’s the testimony of Celestina Akahie Chiamaka in Nigeria who recently participated in training.

“The lifestyle of Jesus was exposed in this summit and that is exactly what transformed my life. I used to have problems with people, especially my classmates, but learning to replace pride with humility, replace fear with confidence in God and staying connected with God has really impacted my life. I’m now a different person from the person that entered this hall today. I am learning how to totally depend on God, pray and continuously study my bible. Thank you for coming to our school today!”

More than 300,000 students are waiting to be trained liked Celestina. Will you partner with Lead Like Jesus so that these students can come to understand the leadership style of Jesus and use it as the model for their lives?

What is Ignite?  Ignite student training is a six-week online leadership development course that focuses on character and integrity, helping high school aged-men and women become the leaders God created them to be. The international version of Ignite is often modified to be taught in a classroom or camp setting.

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