The Gospel at Work

Since Anthony accepted the call to become a church planter in Nigeria, he has experienced the blessing of seeing 19 people to whom he had been ministering make a profession of faith.

“Despite the initial hostility and resistance I encountered when preaching the Gospel, the story is changing as families have begun to yield to the Gospel and are coming to discipleship meetings,” he said.

Bako Zamata, one of Andrew’s church members, shares this testimony:  “I was seriously afflicted with sickness and all my hope had been on visiting from one herbalist to another, yet without any change.  The church planter (Anthony) had been coming to my village to preach.  One day, he came as usual and I was in pain.  Immediately when he finished praying, I felt a relief of the pains!  This made me happy and I decided to listen patiently to him.

After this encounter, I saw the need to follow Christ and surrendered to Him rather than the herbalist.  Since then, my life has not been the same, and I will serve Him until death.  I give glory to God and also thank Anthony for not giving up on me – despite my hostility.”

What is a church planter? Individuals who accept the call to become a church planter commit to 18 months of training led by a Lead Like Jesus Certified Facilitator in one of four African countries and Indonesia, often in partnership with other international ministries. Donors to Lead Like Jesus can help provide the financial resources in support of and in partnership with these church planters.

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