It All Begins with One: Water Mission

Steve Rubado, a program manager for Lifeshape, was trained as a Lead Like Jesus Encounter facilitator in 2015 and has become a champion for the Lead Like Jesus message in his spheres of influence.

Lifeshape is a non-profit of the Chick-Fil-A family that’s changing the way organizations function and serve. One of Lifeshape’s most recent partners is Water Mission, an organization providing safe water solutions around the world.

Water Mission began to experience significant growth and sought Lifeshape’s guidance in training their leadership to effectively engage the communities they serve.

Steve met with Water Mission, evaluated their needs and determined that beginning with the Lead Like Jesus Encounter was the best way to create a foundation for leadership development.

Since then, all the US-based staff have experienced the Encounter and they’re seeking to train their international staff of 300 within 13 countries over 12 months.

“The Encounter created truth-telling conversations and there’s great excitement over this foundational message at Water Mission.” – Steve Rubado

It is amazing to see how Edging God Out can happen if we are not intentional about Exalting God Only. We are excited to continue down this path of a focused intentionality in our work and look forward to seeing the fruit that results.” – George Greene, IV, President/COO, Water Mission

It all begins with one. One person has the potential to create exponential impact in their spheres of influence. Will you be the one?  It starts with the intentional decision to respond, to give and lead as Jesus did.