Jamie Layne: Leadership Makeover for California Salon

She has owned her own salon for six years, but Jamie Layne contends that she never had a business plan.

“I tell my girls all the time that I never planned on being a boss,” she says. “I never had my eyes on this; it wasn’t even a dream. But God’s plans are bigger.”

With two salons in southern California and 19 employees whom she calls her “girls,” Jamie says that attending a San Diego Lead Like Jesus Encounter in July was incredibly timely as she was dealing with challenging staff issues.

“I wouldn’t have had the tools to take a step back if I hadn’t gone,” she says. “But after Lead Like Jesus, I was able to confidently tell my girls that as the owner it is my job to serve them – just as it is our shared goal to serve our customers.”

Looking to the Leader

“My girls in the salon need Jesus,” she says. “So we’re sharing Jesus with them, praying with them. I’m trying to reach them where they’re at. I know they’re all here for a reason.”

Jamie’s passionate belief in transformation is rooted in personal experience. “I share my story because I know they’re hungry for wisdom, peace, comfort; I want them to see God manifesting through me.”

Now, Jamie says that a majority of her employees are followers of Jesus. “That’s God moving,” she says, “and not just in our business, but into the lives of the people in our chairs.”

At the Lead Like Jesus Encounter, Jamie discovered newfound determination to be a better communicator with her staff. “I need to filter my immediate response to things, and go to God first as a leader,” she says.

“We are held responsible by God,” she adds. “We’re lazy as humans when we stay in the human world with our flesh and our egos. But we’re inclined to lead from our egos. This world is so full of power and authority, but Jesus actually submitted. People think that submitting means losing power, but it’s the opposite.”

Her salons are called ROCKnHAIR Lounge, after Psalm 18:2: “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

“I still don’t have a business plan, and it’s still working,” Jamie says. “Customers say that it feels different here than in other salons, and I know it’s the love of God.

“He can use the least likely to be leaders,” she adds.


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