Q&A Part 2: Use your journal

Use your journal to jot down answers to the questions below.

Think about the video you just viewed and answer the following questions:

1. Scott, the youth pastor in the video, mentioned three ways that pride and fear affect us. Can you recall them?

2. When you compare yourself to others, do you become anxious or arrogant? Why do you think that is?

3. In what ways have you ever lied or exaggerated to keep from getting in trouble or to sound better than you really were?

4. As you reflect on pride and fear in your own life, which one would you say is your primary challenge? Why?

5. As you reflect on your relationship with others, how are pride and/or fear expressed in the way you relate with your friends, those in authority, your parents, co-workers, etc.

6. Recall a time when you reacted out of pride and/or fear and what you think triggered it.

7. Write down one key takeaway from session two and why you believe it’s the most important takeaway of the session.