Use your journal to jot down answers to these questions:

1. Looking back at how you assessed yourself, which Habit do you do the most? What benefit do you get from that Habit?

2. Which Habit would you like to start or do more of? It doesn’t have to be a Habit that you rated yourself low on.

3. The point is for the Habits to CONNECT US WITH GOD – not become a task to be checked off! The only antidote to our pride and fear is experiencing His unconditional love.

Jesus came from love, with love, and for love. And He wants us to feel and believe that we’re unconditionally loved.

The final secret for leading others like Jesus is that it’s love-based.

Fill in the blanks in the following sentence: “I want to be more ____ (insert a word) with ____ (a key relationship). One way I’ll do that is by ____ (insert one action you’ll take).”

For example:

• I want to be more courteous with my dad. One way I’ ll do that is by not looking at my

cell phone when he’s talking to me.

• I want to be more patient with Michael, who’s in my work group. I’ ll do that by not

interrupting him anymore.

4. As leaders, we need to constantly be reminded of how much we matter to God because, as leaders, we need to remind those around us how much they matter to God.

Leadership is fundamentally about serving others as Jesus did and loving them as He did.

We’ve discovered that our Heart is mostly motivated by pride or fear. But, then we discovered how we can move toward humility or confidence.

We looked at the Head of a leader and you took the first steps toward writing your own Vision statement.

We then turned to the Hands of a leader and how you can develop others by serving them instead of using them.

Finally, we experienced a few of the Habits of a leader—how we can stay connected with God.

5. Write down one key take away from Session 6 and why you believe it’s the most important takeaway of the session.

6. Next, write down 2-3 key takeaways from this entire series and what steps you will take in order to incorporate those takeaways in your day-to-day activities.