Nigeria’s Next Generation of Servant Leaders

Nigeria’s Next Generation of Servant Leaders

Originally posted June 2, 2014

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa comprised of a 50% Christian and 45% Muslim following. Corruption is rampant in all facets of daily life including the marketplace, churches and institutions. The next generation will persist in this approach to life if they do not see that a different way is possible.  Lead Like Jesus offers a new paradigm of leadership that helps shape people into the serving leader God desires them to be.  There is no better opportunity than now to expose nationals to the possibility of life giving influence.  The demand is great for Lead Like Jesus in Nigeria because the need is great. 

Our strategy of expanding internationally is by way of discovering, developing, and deploying nationals to carry on the work of Lead Like Jesus.  Our focus has been to find champions who can work together among various demographics and oversee a national grassroots movement.  During a recent trips through Africa Jim Montgomery, LLJ Chief International Officer, made a quick stop in Nigeria. With the shortness of time, he trained a Facilitator named Michael Okuneye (on the left) in his hotel room. 

Michael has gone on to expand Lead Like Jesus and Ignite throughout his country.  His network of ministries, churches, and business people has helped open doors not thought possible.  What is incredible is that Jim intentionally pushed Michael off for a full year so as not to spread LLJ too thin in our global strategy.  However, from one simple hotel room meeting, we are now looking at 10,000 student leaders to go through Ignite and over 2,000 nationals to be trained in leading like Jesus in 2014.

We are currently seeing LLJ Encounters on a near weekly basis in Nigeria and in May we launched IGNITE in the city of Kaduna.  On June 25th and 26th we have the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Encounter, which is with the largest and most influential Christian association in Nigeria.  The Encounter will have about 50-60 denominational, ministry, and institutional heads experiencing firsthand what it means to lead like Jesus. Pray for Michael and his team of facilitators as they continue to network, expand, and lead like Jesus.



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