Philippines: Top military leaders learn to lead like Jesus

Philippines: Top military leaders learn to lead like Jesus

Positive change is taking place in countries where character development is valued more highly than political correctness.

The Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, celebrates humility and a devotion to servant leadership even among its government officials. So when history proves that Jesus is the greatest leader to follow, a country like the Philippines finds ways to share the truth with its people.

The International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) located in the Philippines, one of Asia’s top graduate schools, teaches truth through leadership development.

IGSL has adopted a training strategy that leans heavily on the principles and materials of Lead Like Jesus — embracing LLJ’s obvious adherence to the Christian faith. The graduate school develops leaders from all around the world and is itself under the leadership of Christians; the chairman of the IGSL board is even the spiritual advisor to the president of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III.

Recently, the Philippines military has been sending its top leaders to IGSL, and all cadets of the Police Academy are required to attend as well as go through an LLJ Encounter at the end of their program.

In the most recent class of cadets, 650 of the 800 committed their lives, leadership, and futures to Jesus.

“God has had his favor on this university,” says Jim Montgomery, LLJ’s Chief International Officer. Jim explains that IGSL used to be the International School of Theology until it decided to reach out to the secular world by focusing on leadership rather than only divinity.

But for a school intent on leadership, IGSL does not shy away from teaching about the greatest Leader to have ever walked this earth.

With the support of the president, the government, and even the military, IGSL leads its graduates through LLJ and trains many of them as LLJ Facilitators so that they can take the movement back to their own countries and spheres of influence.

Great Mabuti, an LLJ national coordinator in the Philippines and a leadership trainer, can see obvious change in his country. “There are observable developments in the way military officers lead and conduct their affairs as a result of the influence of IGSL,” he says.

“We are seeing a stronger and brighter partnership between IGSL and LLJ in reaching out to the military here because of its promotion of leadership based on the model of Jesus.”

An overwhelming desire for personal growth and holistic leadership among state leaders of the Philippines encourages the country as a whole toward holistic development and Jesus-inspired leadership. “They want to learn and grow and be effective,” says Jim. “The impact of IGSL and LLJ is growing significantly. We are breaking through in this country.”



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