Thousands of young Nigerian leaders to be trained through Ignite

Thousands of young Nigerian leaders to be trained through Ignite

Originally posted February 26, 2015

Multiple high schools across Nigeria have sent students to participate in Ignite, a leadership course for students. Ignite is designed to help young people realize their influence and their potential to be a leader following the greatest model of all time, Jesus.

So far in 2015, 1,850 students across the midwestern African nation have taken a break from their regular lessons in order to learn about loving and serving others according to the example of Jesus.

Lead Like Jesus’ Ignite program teaches students how to identify prideful or fearful motives, how to create a personal vision statement, how to develop strengths and purpose, and why they should choose Jesus as their leadership role model.

“These next generation leaders have the ability and capacity to bring about cultural change,” says LLJ’s Chief International Officer, Jim Montgomery.

The young Nigerian attendees are learning that great leaders ignite greatness in others. The remarkable reach of these conferences is sparking a movement dedicated to shaping the futures of youth in Africa through connecting with God and forming good habits.

“We are beginning to see a significant impact in Nigeria and other African countries where student leaders are being trained to lead like Jesus,” adds Jim. “These students have a first chance opportunity to understand that leadership begins with the heart.”

During the month of March, another 1,000 Nigerian students are anticipated to go through the LLJ Ignite program, with the total number of high school students reaching nearly 3,000.

Nigerian representatives agree that the impact of these Ignite programs has sparked the curiosity of school teachers, who are now interested in bringing Encounters back to their churches.

The exact number of Nigerians who learn about the leadership model of Jesus may never actually be known. But the truth of the message is captivating Africans of all ages and leading to even more movements — possible only because of the enduring message and movement begun years ago by the greatest leader Himself.



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