Bob Willumsen: What Ladder Are You Climbing?

Bob Willumsen: What Ladder Are You Climbing?

Recognition vs. Legacy

Bob Willumsen spent the first 12 years of his career in the hospital industry, working his way to the position of Chief Operating Officer of a major suburban hospital. During that tenure he also served as an operations consultant, helping hospital executive teams across the country find ways to work more effectively, producing measurable results for their organizations.

Following his career in healthcare Bob transitioned into mission-based nonprofit leadership. Across the globe he trained and coached 1000+ organizational leaders, professionals, and young adults to improve their leadership skills – beginning with self-leadership (the toughest form of leadership) and moving from there to how they influence people around them.

In today’s podcast Bob shares his personal journey of spending the first 25 years of his life climbing the ladder of admiration and recognition, and what it finally took to become a leader after God’s own heart who is now dedicated to adding value to others.

True leaders are compelled by other’s potential 

Leadership is not what you get from people, but what you can give to people 

Is the ladder you're climbing propped up against the right wall?

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