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Would you like to know what you have in common with Bible characters like Peter, the first disciple to declare Jesus was the Messiah? Or Abraham, whom God personally singled out to become the Father of the nations? Sarah, who had her first child at the age of 90 or Mary, who became the Mother of our Savior, Jesus?

These people experienced some of the most unbelievable and miraculous “God moments” ever recorded but mixed with their astonishing God experiences were many ordinary, run-of-the-mill days filled with the same struggles, joys, fears, challenges and opportunities each of us faces.

Wired That Way Series is based on the classic DISC model of human behavior and years of biblical research and analysis. It takes the four basic behavioral styles:

Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness, Conscientious – and sheds a unique light on the distinct DISC styles of these four Bible characters.

In this series you’ll discover how God personally interacted with each of these individuals and how He relates to you in the same way, based on the needs of your unique personality style.

The Wired That Way Series includes:

  • Four explainer videos that present each of the four Biblical personalities from the perspective of their DISC behavioral styles in a light-hearted yet profound way.
  • Four video interviews with Ken Voges, the author of Biblical DISC®, and Dallas Theological Seminary Professor, who helps us dig deeper into God’s Word to understand Peter, Abraham, Sarah and Mary. You’ll learn how you can apply those insights to your personal and professional life, including the way you build and cultivate relationships.
  • Four downloadable handouts that highlight each of the primary DISC personalities, describing the Bible characters’ unique strengths and opportunities for growth as well as providing relevant discussion and reflection questions.

The Wired That Way Series can be used individually, with a partner or in a group setting.

As you journey through the Wired That Way Series, you’ll discover new insights from God’s Word about yourself and better understand the unique ways He has wired you to accomplish His great purposes!