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a woman walking past a building with a sign that says let's change

Open to Change

November 27, 2023
woman in black jacket standing on green grass field during daytime

Loved and Alive

November 24, 2023
person writing bucket list on book

First and Only

November 22, 2023
a group of wooden letters

Admitting You Were Wrong

November 17, 2023
assorted-color lear hanging decor

You Can Change

November 15, 2023
running man on bridge

What Energizes You?

November 13, 2023
person in red sweater holding babys hand

To Each Their Own

November 10, 2023
woman praying beside tree

The God Who Is There

November 8, 2023
white feather on body of water in shallow focus


November 6, 2023
man standing on top of mountain


November 3, 2023
woman in white shirt using smartphone

Living By Values

November 1, 2023
man in middle of wheat field

Becoming Fully Human

October 30, 2023
brown dried leaves on sand


October 27, 2023
two smiling men looking at MacBook

A Worthy Role Model

October 25, 2023
silhouette of man standing on seashore

Stepping Out in Faith

October 23, 2023
men touching each other's foreheads

Praying Partners

October 20, 2023
a person pointing at a map

He Shows the Way

October 18, 2023
group of people sirring under sunset

Choosing the Best

October 16, 2023
a black and white photo of the word change

Change Happens

October 13, 2023
man and woman holding hands on street

Asking Others for Help

October 11, 2023
person lifting hand

Asking God for Help

October 8, 2023
person holding happy birthday card

When Stakes Are High

October 4, 2023
silhouette of cross under cloudy sky

One Way

October 2, 2023
A group of friends at a coffee shop

Unique Contributions

September 29, 2023
heart shaped concrete wall with heart shaped shadow

Heart Check: Inspiration

September 27, 2023
man kneeling

Take Time To Kneel

September 22, 2023

Running on Empty

September 19, 2023
man washing his face

Refreshing Your Perspective

September 18, 2023
woman standing with hands spread on side facing lake at sundown

Obedience Brings Life

September 15, 2023
pink heart with brown stick

With A Thankful Heart

September 13, 2023
brown field near tree during daytime

When God Leads

September 11, 2023
woman in blue shorts and black boots standing beside yellow and white truck during daytime

Time to Get Moving

September 8, 2023
green grass during golden hour

The Antidote to Busy-ness

September 6, 2023
person playing upright piano

Put Into Practice

September 4, 2023
Change neon light signage


September 1, 2023

Irregular People

August 30, 2023
person holding eyeglasses


August 28, 2023
man rock climbing on mountain


August 25, 2023
photo of library with turned on lights

A Story to Tell

August 23, 2023
man and woman sitting on chairs

When Will They Get It?

August 21, 2023
brown animal on road

What Gets in the Way?

August 18, 2023
man in white dress shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses

Unspoken Messages

August 16, 2023
person holding bible on road with people walking on sidewalk beside buildings during nighttime

Repeating Yourself

August 14, 2023
a man holds his head while sitting on a sofa

Jesus as Mentor

August 11, 2023
selective focus photography of woman holding yellow petaled flowers

Giving and Getting

August 7, 2023
poached egg with vegetables and tomatoes on blue plate

A Balanced Diet

July 31, 2023
open book on white surface

The Standard

July 26, 2023
black DSLR camera lens on concrete surface

The Source

July 24, 2023
man in black crew neck shirt

Tempted to Get Even

July 21, 2023
a blurry photo of a light in the dark

Unending Supply

July 17, 2023
silhouette of kneeling man

Habakkuk’s Prayer

July 12, 2023

All Things

July 10, 2023
human hand

The Hand of God

July 3, 2023
brown chess piece on white surface

Ongoing Opposition

June 30, 2023

How Do You Know?

June 26, 2023
selective focus photography of woman holding yellow petaled flowers

Hands Open

June 23, 2023
woman holding her face in dark room

Despite Their Fear

June 19, 2023
man holding card with seeking human kindness text


June 16, 2023
June calendar

A Daily Supply

June 14, 2023
person sitting on floor near people

Stirred to Action

June 9, 2023
photo of man walking on rope tree


June 7, 2023
a close up of a typewriter with the word truth on it

Life-giving Truth

June 5, 2023
woman standing with hands spread on side facing lake at sundown

Hands Down

June 2, 2023

A Values Inventory

May 31, 2023


May 24, 2023
boy and girl playing on three tree log

Beyond Help

May 22, 2023
cross stand under purple and blue sky

At the Cross

May 19, 2023
open book lot

Winsome Words

May 15, 2023
person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand


May 5, 2023
black DSLR camera lens on concrete surface

God-Focused Faith

April 28, 2023
smiling woman carrying sleeping baby


April 24, 2023
a red wall with a yellow arrow pointing in opposite directions

Living Forward

April 17, 2023
lion roaring on top of mountain during golden hour

A Repeated Theme

April 14, 2023
open book photograph

Wisdom Shows

April 7, 2023
red Sony PS DualShock 4

Who’s in Control?

April 5, 2023