GARDEN OF PERFECTION - Encounter - Samuel Ayoola, Femi Immanuel, Adeleke Philip and Agboola Joseph


This congregation would need this kind of  program which is now in Yoruba format, a local dialect of the place and widely spoken language among the population of more than half of a million in Ogbomosho. Using our Yoruba Video clips would draw more people for this program. Based on identifying the needs for such training among the ministers in this place, we have designed a Leadership Program such as Lead like Jesus using Encounter Meetings to affect their minds positively to having Jesus as their role Model in their leadership roles.

We trust God that the participants would implement the lessons from the program which would help the grass roots to see a way of impacting their community with Jesus’ Leadership Model. We trust the Lord that as the time goes on while evaluating the effects of Encounter meeting.