Ewu Comprehensive High School, Ewu-Ekiti


This is a town/city settlement in Ilejemeje local government in Ekiti State, Nigeria. A very crowded area with carefree youth who have mostly uneducated parents and likewise many government workers. They are only enlightened in quick money schemes, party life and youth gangsters. Very manipulative and religious but are ignorant of the Gospel; salvation through Christ Jesus and especially some who claimed to be Christians are only church goers. They are very blunt in their ignorance and heady, but they are very hospitable and accommodating. They have different view about leadership, more like dictatorship with domineering spirit and survival of the fittest style of leading. There is need for a great spiritual awakening, radical evangelism and teachings. Holding the Ignite Workshop will enlighten and educate the students.
We envisioned that through this they will become agents of transformation in the community changing many lives including their parents. We look forward to salvation of souls and transformation of lives.