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Karun Chandy

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In Person Encounter Workshop

10-11 February

Ishmael Paul

In Person Encounter Workshop


Karun Chandy

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Sam Seelam


Saj Philip

Sudha Jasmine

Prayer Requests / Praises

Pray for the Facilitators and their families.

Pray for translation efforts.


Residential Encounter

We just completed a 3-day Residential Encounter for 15 Couples in Bangalore, India. It was a time of Fun and Fellowship but most importantly a time where Couples were able to connect, learn and grow with each other while attending the Encounter.

Impact Stories

Outcome of an Online Encounter

Pictured above is Titus, one of our Online Encounter participants washing the feet of the caretaker of his home. It was an overwhelming moment for him as well as the whole family and resulted in baptism.