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Frontiers in the life of a leader, either a pastor, CEO or a leader in any capacity, revolve around conquering territories, making a significant impact, and achieving personal and organizational goals. Just like the biblical figure Joshua, who led the Israelites to conquer new lands, leaders today must take bold steps to make ends meet, advance their vision, and gain new grounds in their respective fields.

Breaking frontiers in leadership, whether in the family, workplace, church, or society, requires a deep sense of responsibility and a commitment to being a shining example of Christ in all endeavors. Leaders are called to be witnesses of Christ in every aspect of their lives, inspiring others through their actions and decisions.

In the pursuit of their purpose as ambassadors for Christ, leaders will inevitably face challenges, opposition, and even persecution. These trials are not meant to deter them but to strengthen their faith and resolve in God. The story of Joshua in the Bible serves as a powerful example of facing obstacles with courage and unwavering faith in God’s promises.

Just as the apostles in the book of Acts encountered opposition in spreading the gospel, leaders must be prepared for spiritual and physical battles when breaking new frontiers. It takes courage, conviction, kindness, and love to overcome obstacles and make a lasting impact on the world around them.

Bible teacher Bob Roberts emphasizes that opposition and persecution serve to clarify beliefs, purify hearts, and propel growth in leadership. Through adversity, leaders can deepen their faith, shed selfish desires, and open their hearts to new possibilities for growth and impact.

Persecution, rather than being a hindrance, can be a catalyst for expanding the kingdom of God to new frontiers. Just as the early Christians in Acts 8 faced persecution but continued to spread the gospel, leaders today can use challenges as opportunities to advance their mission and reach new heights of success.

In the journey of breaking new frontiers, leaders must draw inspiration from the stories of Joshua, the apostles, other biblical figures, and from our Greatest Model of all time – Jesus Christ – who overcame obstacles through faith and perseverance. By embodying the qualities of courage, faith, and love, leaders can make a lasting impact and leave a legacy that transcends boundaries and transforms lives.

Persecution is nothing more and nothing less than God’s kingdom and God’s people clashing with Satan’s people and Satan’s petty kingdom. As God’s own, we must know that the church is in a period of difficulty in the world. We may be facing times when to uphold what we believe as biblical standards will cost us much. However, we must never forget that leading a life of excellence and exploits needs determination, boldness, courage and staying positive while being led by God.

As we are engaged in the work of the kingdom, let’s keep looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith to guide us into guiding others. We must lead like Jesus.

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