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We live in a world where distraction has become the order of the day due to the myriad of challenges prevalent. These challenges are capable of causing a lack of productivity, inspiration, and motivation, as well as more debilitating effects. There are other activities we engage in that serve as a distraction to us. Such activities are not worth our time. They cause unproductivity. The understanding of the concept of the third eye is essential to your understanding of general knowledge. Looking from the religious point of view, the third eye can be seen as a spiritual eye, one that discerns the activities of the spirit realm. In this context, we are speaking about the tendency to get lost in the thoughts, stimuli, and activities of people around you.

One who will lead others must be focused! The Bible, in James 4:8, termed it double-mindedness. Learning to close this metaphorical eye is important in regaining control over yourself. There are several techniques you can use to overcome distraction. The power to overcome distraction is not something you generate by yourself. That is where the place of God comes in and the application of Jesus’ leadership model. That is where God’s ability plays a vital role. We must ask for that power to overcome.

The way of the Lord is void of distraction. That’s why the Psalmist in Psalm 86:11 gave a loud cry to God inquiring about God’s tutorship in the art of His ways. The spirit of intentionality must be turbocharged. Intentionality helps you to define your goals and purpose. It also gives you a mental picture and maps that direct and keep you focused. Your intentions must be clear to keep distractions at bay. You must be intentional about yourself, your goals, and others. The cultivation and practice of mindfulness is another effective tool in dealing with distraction.

Mindfulness is the art of being fully present and aware of our thoughts, feelings, and environment. By intentionally developing this atomic habit of mindfulness, you begin to notice your distractions as they begin, before you get entrapped in them. Being mindful helps to redirect your mind whenever it wanders. Time is a currency. Unlike other currencies, once depreciated, never regained. That’s why the ability to manage time is important in handling distractions. Time management simply has to do with using your time wisely and efficiently. Always have a calendar that allows tasks with specific time frames and does well to keep to it. If you find your tasks tedious, you can break them into little fragments. Make sure you include rest hours to prevent burnout.

Avoid time wasters such as unnecessary parties, incessant social media presence, unfruitful discussions, etc. The environment you live in also determines your focus. Minimize your distractions by creating a conducive environment void of noise. Minimizing external interference helps lose that third eye. In our world where technology has taken a great part of it, it cannot be removed from the picture.

Technology could be a major source of distraction, if not handled properly. It also can be utilized mindfully in dealing with distraction. Productivity tools, website bloggers, and other helpful apps can help you minimize distractions and help you stay focused. In the use of technology to curtail distractions, be careful not to allow them to become additional distractions. A leader must be focused.

Dealing with distractions can create room for productivity, creativity, and a better quality of life. Handling distraction is easily achieved through practice, perseverance, and discipline. When prayer is added to it, it leads to a productive and effective life leading like Jesus.

The Lead Like Jesus 6-Week Study Guide is a great way to focus on leading like Jesus with less distractions. 

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