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One of the best ways to measure whether or not my life is successful is to consider the number of individuals I have helped become better people. A key question I have to ask myself is, “What is the journey I am asking others to take with me?” When Jesus called the disciples to follow Him (see Matthew 4:18-20), it was an invitation that led toward life change. His offer to them was to change the core purpose of their lives. No longer would they be fishing for fish, but as a result of following Jesus, they would become fishers of men. While Jesus did not reveal to His disciples all of the steps that the journey would hold, He promised them up front that their lives would be forever changed as a result of following Him. We know now that Jesus kept his promise.

This must have been an amazing thing for them to hear. Before they met Jesus, they would rise each morning and naturally begin fishing. They would not even think about preparing the nets and loading the boat. They knew exactly what time of day and where to find the fish. Just as fishing for fish was second nature for them, one-day fishing for men would be so ingrained into who they were that they would get up in the morning and begin fishing for men. This shift in purpose would eventually cost them their fishing business, but they gained abundant life in return.

The primary proposition of Lead Like Jesus is that Jesus was the greatest leader of all time. The basis of this statement is grounded not only in the divinity of Jesus but in His humanity; He led others on a faith-filled journey that resulted in the spiritual transformation of His followers.   This leaves me evaluating my leadership on this same basis – are those who are following me experiencing life change?

 In the following series of blogs, I would like to explore what kind of a leader it takes to lead toward life change. This is an important question because not all types of leadership will lead toward spiritual transformation. Some leaders can get results, accomplish great tasks, and even lead teams of others toward a common purpose. But if I lead this way, and in doing so, no one’s life changes to be more like Jesus, have I really led? Our next entry will dive into the starting point of becoming a Jesus–like leader. Without it, it is impossible to lead on behalf of Jesus.

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