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Though people often think of criticism as negative, productive and constructive criticism can be very helpful when properly used.  The acronym G.R.I.P.E. can help us to be mindful of the productive intent that our criticism should carry. Criticism can be viewed as a tool designed to help others to:

Grow – Find ways to help others grow as individuals, colleagues, or in whatever role they struggle with. Growth occurs when there is care and attention to the garden. Personal and professional growth is essential, and our criticism should nourish, not diminish, that growth potential.

Recover – Some people are dealing with a loss of purpose, esteem, direction, or even a loss of respect. The idea of recovery conjures the image of recuperation, helping another to heal or get better. Our criticism should be directed toward helping others overcome their sense of loss and stem any further deterioration.

Improve – Criticism should always be designed to help another improve, whether it is at work, home, or elsewhere. The problem with most criticism is that it focuses on what another may have done wrong, not on ways to improve and do better. This is similar to the difficulty encountered when administering punishment. Punishment is frequently dispensed to extinguish a negative behavior; unfortunately, little information is communicated about what or how to do things differently. Without guidance for improvement, even well-intentioned criticism is less effective.

Prosper – Criticism can be offered in such a way that it can help another to thrive. The ultimate goal of productive and constructive criticism is to help others succeed. Individuals can prosper from many things, including experience, wisdom, and, yes, criticism. Properly considered criticism may allow another to flourish.

Excel – Effective criticism not only offers guidance for others to improve and prosper but to become truly exceptional as well. The interaction of a helping spirit and a willing recipient may allow another to ultimately become the absolute best they can be.




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