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Summer can be an excellent time for many to unplug for a few days or maybe even a week and get away. Regularly scheduled breaks are essential to keeping yourself refreshed and renewed to do the work God has called you to pursue. Jesus practiced these intentional times of solitude and reflection to connect with the Father and stay calibrated on His mission.

The problem today is that with the advances in mobile technology, our Facebook, Twitter, email, phones, and calendars go with us wherever we travel. The bings and pings of cell phones, tablets, and laptops can be heard even during times of re-creation and vacation. Am I able to hear from the Father if I am constantly tied to the distractions of the pressures and demands of life and leadership?

Maybe my thinking is not in sync with the reality of the 21st-century leader. Still, I would caution all of us to evaluate how well we listen to God during quiet solitude and, if necessary, take a vacation from technology!

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