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The Heart of Giving & Receiving Feedback

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When you hear the word feedback, what comes to mind?

An employee review that didn’t go as well as expected? That time you provided important feedback to your boss and immediately regretted it? Or maybe it was a piece of unsolicited advice that you didn’t want to hear, but needed to hear, and it has made all the difference?

96% of employees say getting regular feedback is a good thing… Yet 75% say they don’t receive feedback frequently enough to improve their work performance. 41% of employees have left a job because they felt they weren’t listened to.

Why is it then that so many see the importance of feedback yet our workplaces or even our homes and families do such a poor job with it?

In this webinar, discover four simple, yet powerful, lessons from Henry Ford’s Model-T story about giving and receiving feedback that, if applied, will make you a better leader, parent, and coworker.