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Many of the world’s top coaches, trainers and counselors rely on assessments to ensure positive outcomes in the areas of leadership development, team building, relationship building, communication & collaboration and conflict resolution. Assessments work by providing individuals a road map of their behavioral strengths. Knowing our unique behavioral style and motivators is key to healthy relationships and organizational success.

Coaches, Pastors and Counselors know how powerful self-assessment tools are in developing positive relationships among couples, families and work mates. The Biblical DISC® Assessment blends the knowledge from Scripture and the DISC Model of Human Behavior to provide individuals:

Their personal road map to understanding their God-given behavioral style clarity and newfound understanding to otherwise contrasting behavioral styles tools to repair broken relationships strategies for effective communication. The Biblical DISC® Practitioner Certification Training is a self-paced, self-directed learning experience which equips you to help individuals accomplish their personal and professional goals, create relationships built on trust and respect while fostering loving and wholesome environments where people want to work and live.

The Biblical DISC® Certification will help you become fluent in the most popular and powerful human behavior profiling technique – DISC- used by millions of people over the past 45+ years, you’ll have a proven, reliable tool to help others build Jesus-centered relationships at work and at home.

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Course Content

Section 1: Welcome
Section 2: Introduction to Biblical® DISC
Section 3: Understanding High D (Dominance)
Section 4: Understanding High I (Influencing)
Section 5: Understanding High S (Steadiness)
Section 6: Understanding High C (Conscientious)
Section 7: Biblical® DISC and Jesus
Section 8: Digging Deeper into DISC: Biblical DISC Assessment
Section 9: Biblical DISC® Assessment Coaching Practice
Section 10: Online Assessment System & Information Site (OASIS)