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James tells us that the word of truth brings life. The truth of Christianity is not a proposition or a philosophy. Jesus is the living word, whose message offers His life-giving presence and power to those who receive it. As we wholeheartedly embrace His message, we are transformed. We become part of the new work God is doing in creation. Where do you need to open yourself to God’s transforming power? What effect is His word of truth having in your life?

He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.—James 1:18

Prayer: Jesus, Living Word, thank You for opening my heart to hear and receive Your word of truth. Thank You for creating me anew to live and move in the realm of God’s spirit, and to be part of the new work You are doing in the world. May I serve Your purposes today, in Jesus’ name, amen.


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