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What would the world look like today if every person followed your example? What if the words they spoke carried the same tone and message as yours? What if their responses echoed your responses? What if their actions mimicked your actions? Would people look more like Jesus? Would relationships reflect His forgiveness and compassion? Would the world be any different?

I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.—John 13:15

Prayer: Jesus, You offer Yourself as an example for me to follow. You call me to love others, serving them, honoring them above myself and sacrificially caring for them. Some days I don’t really believe it matters how I live, at least that’s what my actions seem to indicate. Yet I know that it matters to You how I live, and it matters to those who look to me as a living example of You. Help me today to live as You lived. I ask in Your name, Amen.

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