Breaking the Cycle of Fearful Leadership


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Welcome to the Breaking the Cycle of Fearful Leadership 3-Part Video Series!

This video study was created to explore a topic that impacts all our lives and leadership but is rarely talked about: Fear.

The capacity to experience fear is a gift from God. When heeded, fear protects us. Yet what we actually do with fear when we experience it can prevent us from enjoying the good it can bring. So instead of enhancing life, fear has poisoned human relationships ever since man first stepped outside of God’s will.

Fear of criticism… Fear of failure… Fear of making decisions… Fear of speaking up… Fear of responsibilities… These are just a few examples of fears that creep into our daily lives and disrupt our relationships and our work. Recognizing our fear factors and learning how to overcome them will make us more effective leaders and influencers.

In this study we’ll look at:

Session 1: Fear: An Anti-God State of Mind

Session 2: Three Ways to Spot Fear

Session 3: Fear of Failure

Each session contains a teaching video and a PDF download with reflection and discussion questions.

It can be used individually, with a partner or in a group.