Relationship Strategies Small Group Study – Have DISC Assessment


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We all have a curious nature about ourselves. It is exciting to discover who we are – the blueprint of our behavioral DNA. Understanding how God fearfully and wonderfully created each of us adds a new dimension to our lives, giving us the self-awareness to make good choices, develop positive relationships, and get the best results.

In this study, you will learn about your unique behavioral style – the way you think and act. Behavioral style is an expression of your identity – it distinguishes you from others, much like your fingerprint.

God gave each one of us a unique behavioral style, a combination of four distinct ways of thinking and acting, called DISC. DISC is an acronym for the four basic behavioral styles – D for Dominance, I for Influencing, S for Steadiness, and C for Conscientious.

As you dig deep into this study, you’ll also gain insights into the wants, needs, fears, and motivators of Biblical characters who share your behavioral style. And you’ll discover the main ingredients to develop the loving relationships that Jesus envisioned for each of us.