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The Way of the Carpenter Facilitator Certification
U.S. and Canada

Thank you for your interest in the Way of the Carpenter Facilitator Certification. 

The Way of the Carpenter (WOTC) is a people-development framework within the Lead Like Jesus model that provides a task-specific, practical, and actionable process for developing team members and building strong and trusting relationships.

Individuals who are working in faith-based organizations or faith-led businesses and have a ready-made audience of managers, supervisors and team leaders within their organization may qualify to be trained as a facilitator.

Pre-requisites to The Way of the Carpenter (WOTC) Facilitator Certification:

  • Complete a WOTC Facilitator Application.
  • Be a graduate of a Lead Like Jesus Encounter.
  • Interview with Lead Like Jesus staff to determine eligibility for Facilitator Certification.
  • Have a ready-made audience of managers/supervisors or team leaders and opportunities to lead multiple WOTC workshops within your organization/ministry.
  • Attend a WOTC workshop.

Before enrolling in the WOTC Facilitator Certification we want Facilitator candidates to fully engage as a participant in the workshop.  After completing the workshop and qualifying for Facilitator Certification you may enroll in the Way of the Carpenter Certification Program.

We recommend that individuals who wish to be certified in the WOTC workshop begin by utilizing this people-development process with their own teams. Implementing the process and practice using the four tools of a strategic leader provides Facilitators with the experience to better facilitate the workshop.

The Way of the Carpenter Facilitator Certification

After attending a WOTC workshop and fulfilling qualifications, you may register and attend the WOTC Facilitator Certification.   Experiencing the WOTC workshop a second time with your Trainer Manual in hand will prepare you to effectively and confidently facilitate the WOTC workshop.

The Way of the Carpenter Facilitator Certification is currently delivered virtually over 3 half-days, 4-hours per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to become a WOTC Facilitator?

    • Attendance at a Lead Like Jesus Encounter Workshop.
    • Experience your first WOTC Workshop.
    • Complete the Facilitator Application.
    • Interview with a LLJ staff member to determine your eligibility.
    • Register for the Facilitator Certification program.
    • Review Facilitator Policy Manual.
    • Review and sign Facilitator Covenant.
  • Schedule and facilitate your first WOTC workshop within 6 months of being certified.
  • Debrief your workshop experience with an LLJ staff member.
  • Become a fully certified WOTC Facilitator upon completing the above steps.

Where do I attend a Way of the Carpenter Workshop

Lead Like Jesus offers a virtual Way of the Carpenter workshop over 2 consecutive half-days, 4 hours each day.  All WOTC workshop dates are listed on the LLJ website.

Where do I attend Way of the Carpenter Facilitator Certification Training?

WOTC Facilitator Certification is offered online.  The virtual WOTC Facilitator Certification is held over 3 consecutive days, 4 hours each day.  It includes 2 days of workshop attendance with the Facilitator Manual in hand; the third day is devoted to facilitation practice and overview of Workshop/LSA administration. Upon qualifying for Facilitator Certification, you will receive a link to register.

What is the purpose of the WOTC Facilitator Certification?

To prepare and equip individuals to facilitate the Way of the Carpenter workshop within their organization and spheres of influence.

Who is the primary audience for the Way of the Carpenter workshop?

The WOTC workshop is for managers, supervisors, and team leaders.   The workshop prepares them to emulate the process that Jesus used in growing and developing His disciples and is designed to help people-developers make good leadership choices that help others improve their performance.

For individuals in your organization or community who are not in a leadership role of managing others we recommend our Lead Like Jesus Encounter workshop.

What materials do participants in the WOTC workshop receive?

The WOTC participant kit includes:

  • Online Biblical Leadership Strategy Assessment (LSA)
  • WOTC Participant Workbook
  • WOTC Coaching Guidebook
  • Summary Article on The WOTC People Development Model 

What Certification materials and resources do Facilitators receive?

In addition to the participant kit listed above, Facilitators receive:

  • WOTC Online Facilitator Guide*
  • WOTC PPTs and Videos
  • LLJ Revisited book
  • Online Assessment System and Information Site to access the LSA

*A comprehensive WOTC Facilitator Manual is currently being developed and will be provided when available.   

What are the fees for the WOTC Workshop and WOTC Facilitator Certification

Way of the Carpenter Workshop- $299

Way of the Carpenter Facilitator Certification- $899

If you would like more information on becoming a certified Way of the Carpenter Facilitator, please contact us at or call 800-383-6890.