What makes Lead Like Jesus different?

Our Framework. We believe skills and knowledge can’t replace character and integrity. Leading like Jesus involves the alignment of our Heart, Head, Hands and Habits.

Our Definition. We believe leadership happens anytime we influence the thinking, behavior or development of another. If you have influence, you are a leader.

Our Model. We believe Jesus is the greatest leadership role model of all time. So our leadership philosophy is simple: Follow the Leader.


How Can We Help You?

Lead Like Jesus offers a wide variety of resources and solutions to help you become the effective Jesus-like leader God created you to be.

Resources for Individuals

Solutions for Organizations


Leadership Matters

Broken families. Corrupt governments. Impoverished nations. Acts of terror. These are just the symptoms of a much deeper issue. Our world is in desperate need of good leaders.

Every great movement begins with a great leader. 

Jesus, the greatest Leader of all time, used His influence in the lives of 12 ordinary men to change the course of history. How would our homes, workplaces, communities and the world look different if we would allow Him to actively lead in and through us?


Why Jesus?

Savior. Redeemer. Prince of Peace. Friend.
 We know Jesus by many names, but do we know Him as leader?

While Jesus is love, He led in ways that were boldly unconventional. Jesus was courageous and unafraid, confronting the authorities of His day with truth and grace. He represented strong, gutsy leadership, leading others from where they were to where God would have them go. 

As a result, Jesus has powerful influence. He was the greatest visionary, team builder, coach, servant and change agent this world has ever known, with more followers than anyone in history.

Jesus: The greatest Leader of all time.