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“I have learned that with God everything is possible.”

This Truth from John 19:26 was first spoken by Jesus to His disciples.  For Rosette,  the power of that verse came to life when she attended a youth camp called Musana in Uganda that taught the Lead Like Jesus student program, Ignite.

When Rosette speaks of what she learned in the training, her face beams and her voice booms with confidence as she explains, “I learned about leadership, the qualities of a leader, and I learned confidence in the truth that God is always with me.”

For Rosette, this truth was demonstrated when she and other students in the Ignite training had to walk five hours one afternoon to another site for training.

“I got tired, and I wanted to go back,” she explains.  However, with her newfound confidence that God is with her – even on a long walk – “I finished the distance, and that is a praise.”

It is very important to Rosette that she be able to thank those donors who made it possible for her to attend the Ignite training.

“Thank you for providing this training for me and also for my friends.  In learning the qualities of a good leader and gaining the confidence that God is with me, I have overcome my fear.”

What is Ignite?  Ignite student training is a six-week online leadership development course that focuses on character and integrity, helping high school aged-men and women to become the leaders God created them to be. The international version of Ignite is often modified to be taught in a classroom or camp setting, as it was for Rosette and others in her group.

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