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If you have not heard yet, the NFL owners and its players are not getting along.  By the time you read this blog entry, their disagreement might be resolved, but chances are they will still be arguing.  After all, when there are billions of dollars at risk, conversations can be rather heated and protracted.

I am intrigued by the doomsday conversations that are occurring in the news and sports outlets. It seems that if the NFL doesn’t have a season, the world will somehow end.

In my filing cabinet, I have a copy of a 1987 Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News paper with the headlines, Black Sunday.  What made that particular day Black Sunday?  There was no football!  The players were on strike.

What I found interesting is what men did instead of watching a game.  One reporter noted that dads were playing with their kids, husbands spent time with their wives, and families had time to attend church.  Most importantly, the world did not end.   Maybe Black Sunday wasn’t so black after all.

It seems to me that the level of concern toward the NFL reinforces how our society focuses on priorities that, in the long run, are rather insignificant.  I find it tragic that our society (me included) gives a great deal of time and energy to issues that are inconsequential, and yet the issues of life that truly matter seem to be glossed over.

As leaders, how can we focus our conversations and attention on issues that really matter?

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