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Have you ever noticed how Jesus always had the right words at the right time? He never seems to have been flustered, whether He was interacting with His disciples or with those who opposed Him. When a comforting word was needed, it was on His lips. When a rebuke was required, He gave it firmly and concisely, but without malice. When truth was needed, it poured readily from within Him. What situations will you face today? Are you ready and willing to speak with humble confidence as God directs you?

The hearts of the wise make their mouths prudent, and their lips promote instruction.—Proverbs 16:23

Prayer: Lord, fill my heart with wisdom from Your lips so that my lips will speak Your truth today. All of my thoughts pale in comparison to the life-giving nature of Your wisdom and words. May my words point people to You. I ask in Jesus’ name, in whose name I live and lead, Amen.

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