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“My name is Lusy. I am from East Java but I live in North Sumatera. I am a wife with two children. I was Muslim but became a Christian when I married my husband who was a “Christian.” We have been married for 22 years. My husband is extremely angry and rude. He bullies me, beats me, cheats on me, and is a drunk. I even spent time at the hospital because my husband hurt me. Even though we went to church, I never felt loved. Two months ago my husband has left me for another woman.

I attended a Lead Like Jesus Encounter training experience and it changed by life. Because of the Encounter, I know who Jesus is. I felt unconditional love and I know God always loves me. I went to the bathroom so many times because I didn’t want other participants seeing my tears. I realize that I have precious love.

After the Encounter, I thought a lot about forgiveness. I knew there were two people I needed to forgive: my husband and a church member. On Sunday, I stood up and gave testimony during the service and offered forgiveness to the church member. He was surprised because he didn’t know I kept bitterness in my heart. He smiled and shook my hand. Now I am praying for my husband. May God bless him and bring him back to the Lord!

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