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  • Preparing Your Heart

    Devotionals | November 24, 2017

    Each day offers new opportunities to follow in the footsteps of Jesus our leader. To continue to humbly serve others in love day after day requires a heart tenderized by, and overflowing with, God’s love. That requires spending time anew in worship and prayer, and allowing His love and forgiveness to wash over us and sensitize us so that we can hear His voice and sense His Spirit’s leading. Take time right now to ask the Lord to prepare you to love and serve others in Jesus’ name.

  • Megan Pacheco

    5 Signs Your Work Ethic Needs “Work”

    Blog | Megan Pacheco | August 03, 2017

    When it comes to leadership, we often focus on the positional leader, the person near the top, addressing various opportunities for growth and development of habits and disciplines that, if cultivated, should eventually lead to success.

    In this blog, however, I’d like to focus on another facet of the leadership spectrum—our role as employees. We’ll see that exhibiting a poor work ethic is really a failure to lead from within and can seriously jeopardize our influence and witness.

  • A Straight Course

    Devotionals | May 08, 2017

    Leading like Jesus is a lifelong journey. On the way, we may at times lose our focus on the guiding principles and practices modeled by Jesus. Our desire for heart transformation may wane as we face resistance, or the pull of old habits. Pride and fear may edge out godly humility and confidence. The demands of daily life may distract us from maintaining a consistent focus on Jesus. Oddly enough, familiarity and success can also cause our focus to waver. Where are you easily distracted from the course Jesus has laid out for us as disciples? What helps you stay the course?

  • Radiate His Love

    Devotionals | April 19, 2017

    Who will you encounter today? Will your sphere of influence consist of family and friends, or perhaps brothers and sisters in Christ? Will you interact with the wider community in which you live, co-workers, community members, even strangers? We never know exactly whose paths we will cross, nor the difference our words and actions may make in someone else’s life. Let God use you, wherever He places you today, to reflect the love and life of Jesus.

  • What is Quiet about Time?

    Blog | Karen McGuire | February 23, 2017

    We live in a very busy, fast-paced time! Everything is instant gratification. I need this, and I need it now – not five minutes from now, but NOW!

    What’s more, everything that has been promoted as saving us time has actually gobbled up more time that it has saved. Take email, for example. It was said to save us time in communicating with others. Initially, a reply was expected within 24 hours. Now, if you reply in 24 minutes, everyone wants to know why you didn’t reply sooner.

  • If You Run

    Devotionals | August 19, 2016

    Have you ever faced a challenge so big that you were tempted to run from it? Fear invaded your thoughts when you looked at it, and you found yourself saying “there is no way I can do this.” If so, you are not alone. Moses and Gideon are just two of God’s leaders who wrestled with fear, and Abraham and Elijah wrestled with discouragement. If you struggle with either fear or discouragement, go ahead and run; just make sure you run in the right direction. If you run, run to the Father. Go quickly, fall on your knees, cast yourself on Him, and call out to Him for help.

  • Megan Pacheco

    I Want a Fit Body… But I Also Want Tacos: Every Leader’s Dilemma

    Leadership and Self Deception

    Blog | Megan Pacheco | July 28, 2016

    As I was finishing up a divine slice of tiramisu for breakfast (don't judge!) a meme I recently saw flashed in my mind. It read: “I want a hot body, but I also want tacos.”

    As I chuckled, it occurred to me that this is the age-old struggle for all of us. And I don't mean the choice between a fit body and tacos, or in my case, tiramisu. This silly meme represented the struggle between our deepest, long-term desires and the impulses for immediate gratification that always seem to stand in the way.

  • The Test of Prosperity

    Devotionals | July 15, 2016

    Like our response to adversity, our response to prosperity reveals our hearts. What kind of prosperity do we long for? Do we long for more of God Himself? Do we want a better relationship with Him for ourselves and for others? Do we long to see His love, grace, mercy, justice, and faithfulness characterize the world? Do we work for that in our spheres of influence? How can you steward your energy and resources today to help others prosper in these ways? God has placed us where we are and prospered us for His purposes. Let us serve Him with grateful hearts.

  • Let Us Hear

    Devotionals | July 08, 2016

    How many voices clamor for our attention? Voices that matter, voices that clutter our thoughts, voices that tempt and deceive, voices that bring truth and wisdom. How do we sort out the voices that matter from those that are superfluous? Jesus called people to hear, to listen, to respond to truth. Why? So that they, so that we, might find life, and in finding life, learn to live it. And in living life from God’s perspective, lead others to do the same. Jesus is still speaking. Do you hear Him?

  • First, We Confess

    Devotionals | June 03, 2016

    Daily, personal confession directly impacts our ability to give and receive forgiveness in our relationships with others. After examining our own hearts, we need to ask God to reveal what He sees in us. Confessing what He reveals brings forgiveness, and results in renewed humility and God-confidence. As we follow through by making amends, apologizing to those we have wronged, and changing our behavior toward them, our relationships and our leadership are transformed by God’s grace.