Abandoning Witchcraft, Following Jesus

Muslim clerics encourage people in Kenya to practice witchcraft as a way to maintain control over their communities and villages. However, as Lead Like Jesus-trained church planters in Kenya have begun to share the message of Jesus, these cultural traditions are being replaced with the joy and freedom of knowing, following, and leading like Jesus.

Pictured here are “charms” that had been used by a man and his wife to practice witchcraft. When they both committed their lives to Jesus, this couple put down these reminders of their former lives and raised their hands in praise to their Heavenly Father. Please join with us in praying for this couple as they begin their lives as followers of Jesus and for Lead Like Jesus-trained church planters who are boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

What is a church planter? Individuals who accept the call to become a church planter commit to 18 months of training in evangelism, discipleship, and church growth led by a Lead Like Jesus Certified Facilitator, often in partnership with other international ministries. Donors to Lead Like Jesus can help provide the financial resources in support of and in partnership with these church planters.

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